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  1. Just stopping by to check up on ya :-). How are you holding up?
  2. Awwh. I'm sure he's missing you guys just as much as ya'll miss him! :-) Hang in there and be strong. :-) I'm always available if you wanna chat. I'm coming down that way (VA Beach) for Memorial weekend to hang out with some friends of mine that i went to Hampton Univ. with back in the day lol. Do you know of any fun events going on that weekend? :-)
  3. We're doing well...I shed a few tears..but I didn't let it get the best of me...& just before he was about to board the ship, he somewhat broke down. So, I had to pull away as much as possible and crack jokes so that it wouldn't get too emotional. They've officially left the NC coast to head over there not too long ago...but I think I'm going to make this one this year.
  4. :-) Hey, just stopping by to check in on you. How are you and your family holding up?
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