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  1. How aer you??

    Hope you have a fab day sweety!!
  2. Cool beans. :-)
    Greg's active duty army && I've already met his platoon sgt's wife && she's the best.

    I also found a group on a site that's specifically for setting up meetings && they'll be meeting this Saturday. Great for me but I'm not sure how Chloe will do since she's 9 mos. She's kinda a mommy's girl (lol) but I'm hoping to find some playmates for her so she can get used to being around others before the big transition to daycare. No rush on that though. I'm working on finishing up my last year of my bachelors so I plan to stay home with her til that's complete.

    Thanks for all the great advice by the way! Keep it comin! :-)
  3. I'd suggest you start with the wives in his squad, unit, or battery (not sure what part of the military you are attached to. )

    Get to know them or check out the base paper for 'mommy & me' groups. That's a GREAT way to make friends for you with other moms that have kids your age.

    You'll get the hang of it!
  4. Thanks bunches. So far, this life is ok but it's hard for our daughter bcuz she's used to having a lot of family around her all day && now, it's jus the two of us here while her daddy's at work.

    Other than that, I'm really exicted about the moving around but making new friends does worry me. I'm not shy by any means but I am kinda reserved around new ppl...
  5. Just be flexible, and be ready for the unexpected. Be prepared to go with the flow.

    Have to be ready to be supportive, and to give and be positive with little to no return (this is of course deployments and training). Just have to make them the most important thing in your life, and ready to accept all that comes with it.

    I LOVE the military life. I love the moving around, love making new friends and loving the excitement that comes with that.

    Have to have a positive frame of mind.

    Accept those days when you CAN'T get out of bed and have someone that you can turn to that will be your shoulder to cry on and understand.

    This is a fab site. Filled with wonderful, kind, and giving people! I'm thrilled you found it!
  6. So true. Any advice to a newbie???
  7. We gotta stick together hun!

    Lovely to meet you and look forward to getting to know you!
  8. Thanks much! I'm so new to this life && it was kinda overwhelming at first but it's pretty ok now. Glad I haven't had to deal with a deployment yet tho. I get crazy when he's out in the field for a week. LoL.
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