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  1. LOL.

    i'M NOT iN ALASKA.

  2. I hope you made it to Alaska and are getting settled in.
  3. Yeah for you sweety!!

    I'm having a fab day!! I'm rocking N rolling with eating healthy and losing weight!!

    I hope you did something fun...if it was just walking around the mall! :Teehee

    Luvs sweety!
  4. So...yeah...I got outta the house today. ::YES!!!:: LoL.

    Hope ur day was as great as mine!
  5. Yeah...I'm not a stay at home mom type.

    I LOVE to work and have an occupation. I do much better able to get out and have adult conversation. I get bitchy and snappish staying home all day. I've REALLY had to work on this. The weekends just really do me in!!

    Have a great night sweety! Be looking forward to chatting with you tomorrow!
  6. LoL. Got'cha.

    I kno what u mean. I jus got over that but I get tired of hearing my little one, too. I guess it's bcuz she && i are here together all day...
  7. I just meant the kids were home for the weekend and now going back Monday for the week!

    Just PMSing and short tempered and easily annoyed. Soo just want some time alone and tired of hearing my 6 yr old shriek!! UGH!! L
  8. LoL. Totally. We were gonna stay over but we smelled like smoke bcuz their fire pit was lit while we were visiting && I didn't want my daughter to have to smell it all nite.

    Who's going back to school? U or the kids? I'm getting ready to get back in myself.

    Good job on the workin out too. I need to get back in shape. I can't run to the corner. LoL.
  9. Yeah for you!! Lazy days are needed sometimes!!

    The kids and I have just been chilling too. Been doing laundry and they have been playing video games and watching cartoons. Nothing special either.

    Back to school and working out tomorrow!! I've been doing my daily push-ups and crunchs, but didn't do my work out since Meany man Billy Blanks kicked my cute ass!!! :cry But tomorrow I'm going to hang with him! Gonna show him he can't beat me down! least can't keep me down!

    Have a great one sweety!
  10. Hey there!
    Yesterday was great, thanks! We hung out with some friends all nite && had a lazy day today. How are u && urs? How's ur guy?
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