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  1. Miss Suzi i have not given you lovings for a while <3 I heart you I hope you're doing good!!!

    phewww like only a few more months and woot woot guess who's home
  2. Ick!!! Feel better sweety!!
  3. Hey girlie!

    i'm on every once in a while. I never run into you though! there's too many places to post LOL !!! haven't been able to get on too much they've got me on some new meds and the side effects havent been too fun to deal with :*(

    how have you been?

  4. How are you doing my darling Tiff?!?! I haven't seen you on for awhile!! How are you?!?!
  5. I'm doing...well it's an off day. I think I'm having a VERY light period, but I'm TOTALLY hormonal. Crying, tired, sad. s

    I fell off the diet wagon, and didn't do my exercises last night. So, I'm berating myself for that.

    I did get my Billy Blanks DvD today and TOTALLY excited about doing that tonight with the boys. They think it's a fighting moves DvD, so are really wanting to do it with me, which is great, so not gonna tell them other wise.

    Yeah. I guess I thought it was you that had your hair cut and it didn't turn out right. Well that's good to know it wasn't you!

    How are you doing today? Give your huny a nice hard hug since I can't hug mine!

    Luvs sweety!

  6. the ortho hunt continues strong

    my hair??? lol i think youve got me confused but you totally reminded me i have monster split ends that are killing me i need to make an apt for my hair LOL!!! hee hee

    how you doin mama?
  7. How are you sweety??

    What's up? How goes the hunt for an orthadontist? How is your hair looking? I hope you went back and demanded that she fix it!! It would totally piss me off! I mean, come on! EVERYONE sees your hair?!?!

    Luv you sweety!
  8. Well if it falls over it's just gonna make it all that much more fun!
  9. LMAO YOU KNOWWWWWWWWWWW the trailer is gonna be more than rockin we're gonna make it fall over!!!! LMAO!!!


    Love ya girlie!
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