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  1. just wanted to stop in and say hello miss u
  2. How have you been?? What ya been up to? How is the weather up there? Warming up? We had 54ish degree weather today, tomorrow suppose to get up to 71 I think and then back down to 43 or 34 I forget.
  3. thank you! you are one of gods angels!

  4. Sexy Shani!!! How are you?? How is the weather up there?? How are you doing? Have you heard from your man??

    Luvs sweety!!

  5. I like your thinking! You bring the hairdresser and I have the PERFECT nail place!!!

    Sounds like a plan!
  6. Funny you said that.. the girl who does both of our hair told me a month ago she was tired of the city and she waned to move. her aunt went to lawton/okc and loved it so much she didnt come back home. ( well to move her things of course) and taniya (the girl who does our hair) said she would consider moving there. I hadn't even told her where my baby was stationed. Maybe we both will have a new hair dresser!
  7. I heard that!!

    Take some nice snowy photos for me!! The kids would LOVE to see snow!! haha

    They have never lived in a place that snows regularly. My oldest got to playin the snow once when we lived in Southern Utah (hour and change east of Vegas). It was melted by the next afternoon!! hehe

    It has been BEAUTIFUL weather here!! Yesterday it was in the low 60s!!! :cackle

    I LOVE IT!!!!

    Well curl up with a good book and a nice cup of hot chocolate and biscotti. Or a big bowl of popcorn and an old movie (I LOVE "Waiting to Exhale" or "Soul Food") and enjoy the lazy-dazy evening!

    Luvs sweety!!
  8. Well, I don't have any major plans. There is snow storm coming thru here - lasting for two days on and off. I snuggle Jojo everyday. He's a good lil pup. His birthday is coming up - he will be a year old. I'm just hibernating now - not very safe to be out there
  9. have a great time at the gym sweety!

    I've been reading, and NOT eating!

    What plans do you and cute puppy boy have??? Snuggle him for me!! I'm soo getting me a lap dog once the kids are gone!! Toby is a great guard/family dog and wonderful to run and play with, but I really want a snuggly dog. I'm totally going to go for a 'designer' bred shit zu/yorkie or bishon mix.

    Have a wonderful day sweety!!
  10. Sorry my Ft. Sill friend
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