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  1. hey there, my friend! how are you feeling? is everyone over the flu yet? Thank God, I have not got sick...i do not have any insurance, so i would just have to tough it out. Am waiting on the Diplomat to contact me tonight...always anxious anxious anxious to hear from him. Last night, he said that my husband's speech is coming out a bit now, so its just a matter of time. I am so thankful we have come this far. thinks that maybe next week he will be able to go back to his base, then home. I will continue to pray hard for him...I MISS HIM TERRIBLY!!!!
    OK, I think that my body is taking over my brain...i am going to have to REALLY push myself on the exercising..i think that my body is trying to de-stress and slow down to rest and i am pushing to continue..i am tired a lot (i haven't slept in many many months...) now i want to sleep for 30 minutes every 2-3 hours..whats up with that? ahahaha ...i feel like an infant.
  3. Thanks for your note tonight...made me happy!! I don't know where my motivation went...i think out the window...i have walked A LOT for 8 months.i feel like someone turned me on "slow"...eating really weird combinations of food in same bowl/same time: albacore tuna (plain), dried cranberries, sweet red peppers, raisins, dates,almonds,chopped tomatoes....and a hand full of cheerios... i never mix food like this. then, i had to drink 33 oz of black cherry flavored, zero calories water, glug glug glug...ok, must be short circuiting somewhere!! LOL LOL....Thanks for the tip on the Pilates..i think i picked up a couple DVD's at the dollar store...will try them tomorrow..still working on my waist area..boy it sure is tough!! I've got to find motivation again...don't know why i lost it lately...think my brain is just tired....guess i can bend some more at the waist, since that is where i need the help, and pick up the ol' bootstraps and keep moving...bye for now!!
  4. part 3 i should probably do more often the Billy Blanks...think i will start that tomorrow morning..have to go to the temp job by 11am... The Diplomat sent me a note thru my Yahoo Messenger (since i was working)...said my husband is doing well, soon he will recover well. He told me "please do not cry, he is ok".... yeah, i was kind of weak and weepy today, so i sent him a message with the crying emoticon...i am ok tonight for a change.. have you heard from your husband lately? Did he give you any more exercise tips? any tips for me....want to stretch out my calves....from all my walking they are getting too muscular...want a leaner look...have no idea how to make that happen...suggestions would be helpful! take it more back flips until further notice, missy!!! bye for now
  5. part 2 i really need to work on at least a normal amount of water - right?? i am slugging some down now...i guess thats why i don't sleep...all the water after work, and i stay up all night in the bathroom - LOL LOL....i am still waiting on the plumber to come back and finish the work from my kitchen pipes busting last weekend...the 6 inches of water in my house is gone, still shaking my head at the damage, and wondering what the damage is that i cant see! i take several deep breaths, and have to shrug..what can i do until my husband comes home...get what i can done...and the rest will have to wait. i have no more room on my shoulders for any other stress, so i have to let it go
  6. hey there my friend!! Well, just got home from the temp job...they love me, i hate it, isn't that the way it goes? I do not know what is wrong with me...i am NOT drinking a lot of water..maybe a small bottle once a's like, once i go to work, my mind blanks out and i forget..they do not allow food/water/drinks of anykind in the must wait for a "break" 15-30 min...and you have to go to the BACK of the store by the warehouse area which takes 5 minutes at a fast, you flip the coin...use the restroom, or walk pretty far for food/water, and still get back in the allotted time...** they can and DO fire you for going to a break/lunch late..even if it is 10 seconds (literally!)'s laughable...all i do is keep repeating my husbands words "never mind them, i am coming for you and will take you away from all that"....
  7. Hey there...thought that i would check on you and see how the workouts are coming along? i've been a little slack, because i am working weird hours at this temp 11pm, i don't feel like jumping around so much after running around at work for 9 hours. will do some in the a.m. cuz work doesn't start til 1pm...ick ick ick...wish the hospital job would come thru...better hours, better pay... talk soon
  8. the misadventures of Stephanie Plum, intermittently successful bounty hunter. Janet Evanovich's successful series, especially when she's bringing the more colorful characters to life. Her former prostitute Lula can tear down walls with the force of her personality, and she gives professional security specialist (read "mercenary") Ranger the measured tones of one who is always in control. Stephanie spends much of the book blue from a briefcase dye bomb. Plum accepts her blueness and responds to the reactions with indignity, ruefulness and eventually resignation. Evanovich writes a book that I cant put down. Her books are like eating fine chocolate, a guilty pleasure that you never want to end
    I love Stephanie and all of her crazy friends & family. And who wouldn't want to have to choose over Joe & Ranger? I can't recommend this book enough. All they have to ask for is the book about the bounty hunter and its funny -
  9. New York Times, USA Today, Washington Post love her. Edgar-Award Nominee on her first book.
    Books are smooth, clever, and laugh-out loud as Robert Parker's books (Spenser for Hire books and tv show, played by Robert Ulrich) at his best. Plot is ingenious, fresh, dialogue is witty and gutsy, wonderful sense of humor, eye for detail, a self depreciating narrative. Take the first book out of the library...their addictive! I don't do romance...I like a good plot, some action, and some humor, and she fills the bill!
  10. just checking to see how the workout DVD's are doing for you? I went online to find out why you couldn't find the one I have...i find that strange! All Walmarts are supposed to have the same stuff. hmmmmm a mystery to solve...Oh! since you like reading...have you ever read Janet Evanovich series? OMG!! I LOVE HER!!!! I am dying to buy book 14...honestly...her main character is sooooo much like me!! Each book she introduces a new character that fits perfectly...I can read her books over and over, and I laugh like heck every time. There is a lot of action, and just letting it's the only book that i have been able to read while my husband has been missing. I have been only able to listen to "my boys" of Motley Crue (i know them!), and Van Halen... I cannot listen to anything my husband's too hard. I listen to the bands that i know personally, and it is easier...cuz you think like hey, their friends, you dont think of them as famous...anyway, if you haven't read Janet Evanovich, try her...the library has her books. You must start at the beginning because if you don't, you won't understand the other books as the characters are introduced, and why they show up like they do. "One for the Money", Two for the Dough, Three to Get Deadly, Four to Score, High Five, Hot Six, 7 Up, Hard Eight, To the Nines, Ten Big Ones, Eleven on Top, Twelve Sharp, Lean Mean Thirteen, and book 14, I haven't got yet is called Fearless Fourteen. Everyone that I have "turned on" to these books LOVE them. let me know!
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