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  1. Go to Walmart, and pick up the DVD by Billy Blanks - itls only $14.72 and WELL worth it.....its very easy and its fun to....I hate working out - I am an action type girl....i like to get out and climb moutains, jump out of planes, scale buildings (yup!), scuba, snorkel, wind surf, i can walk for miles and it doesn't bother me at all....but Billy Blanks is funny, and best of all IT WORKS!! give it a how fast your mid-section gets to be flat abs!! Even tho' each section of workout is 45 minutes...i don't do it all the time...i may do 10 minutes from each section...break it will be looking like you want in no time at all...seriously!! if i can do it, anyone can!
  2. hey SuziGraham....interesting reading everyone here about getting to the stage of "smokin' hot and workin' it" I am glad, in a way, that my husband has been delayed, because I have really worked on looking good for him...I am now wearing "small" for pants and haven't been that in years!! I have to have tailored shirts because regular ones look like a tent on me...small waist, lrg topside..(hahahaha).....i am trying to finish "ironing out" the waist area, and then i am good. I have walked from spring to the first snowfall, about 6 miles a with winter here...i stay indoors and workout/martial arts with Billy Blanks "TaeBo"....bought his newest DVD that has 3 workouts..."get celebrity fit" cardio workout; sculpt workout, ab bootcamp workout.... its 45 minutes each i pick a different one each day...let me tell you how fast it is toning!!! look out....if i turn sideways, i might disappear soon!! ahahahaha
  3. welcome to our family....this site has been a lifesaver to me and my crazy situation...i am so very thankful i found it!
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