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  1. i havent talked to you in like forever!! i hope everythings ok with you and your family!!! **hugs**
  2. gottcha!!
  3. Aunt Flo came for a Gotta love her each month!!!
  4. Aunt Flo!! LOL
  5. What is AF?? Sorry. there are SOOO many acronyms to keep track of.

    I'm doing good. I"m doing the body cleansing for the next two weeks. I did get sick in the middle of the night last night...for no reason. I didn't feel sick. So, not sure what's going on.

    But I'm doing good otherwise! I've cut ALL empty carbs (white flour) out of my diet, along with sugar. So, I'm making progress

    Look forward to hearing from you!!
  6. Ive been good.Thanks for the purty rose!! I LOVE roses!!! Ive been still eating healthy and drinking only water.Had only a couple of slipups so far. AF is in town so I havent felt up to walking but I did go Sunday afternoon right before dark to ease the cramps. Hows it goin on your end??

  7. How are you hun??? I haven't heard from you in a bit and wanted to know how you are doing!!
  8. i just havent lost any weight yet. but im drinking only water now and eating i just have to be patient.well today im a yr older and of course my sister had sent me a text this morning that mentioned i was getting much closer to 30

  9. You go girl!!! Yeah for you!!

    I'm doing good. I fell off the wagon yesterday as far as my eating goes. The kids had Christmas money they wanted to use to go to McDonalds so, I splurged with them, but today when I went shopping went ALL healthy!!

    No more fatting snack foods. I hit the health food store and bought gluten (wheat) free and dairy free items for my son with autistic tendancies!! Yeah for him. Plus all the snack foods I bought for the house are either yogurt, or fresh fruit & veggies. So we are doing great!!

    Now to get out there in 20 degree weather and walk the dog!! UGH!! Soo friggen cold! Of course he's loving it being a breed from Belgian!!

    The kids are off three days in a row so I bought a cleansing system and going to start it over the weekend. Wish me luck!! hehe
  10. hey girl! hows it going? havent talked to you in a few days.ive been only drinking water.and trying to count my ww points.not eating as much and not eating junk food anymore.
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