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  1. panties and bra works for me
    Less to take off for the shower afterwards.

    Scale is VERY important!

    I have started taking an appatite suppresent since I USE (changing that ) to be a late night snacker. It did wonderful I was too tired to go in the kitchen after doing the Billy Blanks!
  2. haha i just read dallas/ft worth and thought you were in tx lol.thanks for the advice. you are health is more important than a soda or playing on the computer or whatever.i have a scale that belonged to db's mom but now i know why it was in her garage.its not working properly.Tomorow nite or saturday ill go get a weight watchers scale.i love how exact they are.i get paid tomorrow afternoon so i can really start buying healthy stuff and im gonna get me some workout clothes.honestly i dont have any!
  3. Not in the same state. I'm in Oklahoma. Just in the southwestern corner right above the Texas border.
  4. What motivates you?

    I have a photo of what I look like now and a pic (computer generated and airbrushed of a real model I'm sure) of what I WANT to look like. I just carry it with me. Seriously. I look at what I look like (it's the one I posted on the biggest loser thread), and then what I WANT to look like. I know what I look like if I do NOTHING. I don't want to look like this anymore. So, in order to change, I am the only one that CAN do something. Just like you sweety.

    If you truly want it, no amount of being tired no excuse will keep you from it. You'll either hit that place where there is NOTHING in this world that is of more importance then your health and getting healthy. No one can do it for you.

    I'd suggest you find what motivates you. Watching a motivation show...listening to someone...and record those and play them to get you up and moving and keeping on the path.

    In the end, it's you. At's all on YOU to do it or not.


    I'm gonna start asking you every Friday how much weight you lost for the week. Keep you honest and let you know that someone is watching you!

    You can do this sweety...just depends on how much you want it! Do you want more then a soda that lasts...what?? A few moments? Do you want more then playing a computer game that does nothing to help you get healthy? Do you want this.....

    So, I'm here for ya hun!! Knowing YOU can do it!! I know it. Just depends on how badly YOU want it!
  5. haha ok thatd be nice.i need all the help i can get.its like i soo want this ya know? but i just cant make myself get it over with.ugh!!!
  6. haha i dont think i even knew we were in the same state lol

  7. It's the same time. I'm in 3 hours north of Dallas/Ft. Worth area!

    So if you fall off the health wagon. I can come down there and shove you back on!
  8. haha ok! aww thats cool!!! so what time is it where you are? its 2:08here.
  9. Well go grab you some water!! Go on...I'll wait!!

    Yeah I know how exhaustion gets you. I didn't do so good on Tues.

    Today I'm doing SUPER good! I got to bed at 15 till midnight and woke up about 3 or 4am. I forget and then went back to sleep and was up a little before 8am and beat my alarm clock up!!

    Plus I'm getting to talk to my hubby right now!
  10. well im sad to report im not drinking water today and i didnt get to workout last night.i was just really exhausted after work last night. i was so tired i kept putting off doing the dishes.i hope you are doing better?
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