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  1. Hi Victoria! I'm SO sorry I fell off the face of the planet recently, school was crazy busy the last few weeks. But, I'm done with another semester and on my winter break! I hope that you have been doing well and not stressing out too much. I hope that the things you need to do for the move are going smoothly. You get to have your hubby home NEXT MONTH! Hope you have a great weekend!!
  2. I hope you're doing just wonderful.
  3. Have a great Thanksgiving!
  4. I hope you enjoyed New Moon. I've heard from SO many of my friends that is was great! I hope that you have a break from school in honor of the holidays. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!
  5. I'm doing great! I'm going to see New Moon in a few hourssss. Soo excited! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
  6. How are you doing wifey?! I'm a few hours away from Thanksgiving break! I can finally relax for a few days! Hope you are doing well!
  7. Wifey, how are you? I feel like it's been FOREVER. I hope you're doing just awesome.
  8. Hello my love! I'm doing alright. I've been battling some fierce allergies this week, but that's about it. I'll be in Indiana in the second week of November. My brother has a drum thing going on up there and I'm going to help out and watch him perform. Travis is doing alright. I can't believe it's already going to be a month since he left to go back. This is a good thing though. It means time is going fast, and I'll soon be done with this deployment. How is Jordan? I hope all is well.
  9. Hiiiii sweetie! Hope you've been doing well. When is this you are coming to Indiana? Not going to lie, not much here besides cornfields. I'm sure you will have a good time anyways. How is Travis doing? Hope everything is good with him. Take care, I'll talk to you soon!

    By the way, I'm going to Indiana next month. Hope there's some fun stuff to do up there!
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