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  1. Fiji sounds nice
  2. and preferably somewhere without cell service..... Fiji?????
  3. I am in!!! I vote we go to somewhere nice like Italy for it though. We need to pity ourselves in comfort & style
  4. Yeah it's been one of those weeks for me too..... Kenny has been working and I haven't seen him in like 5 days, I have so much to talk about with him but I can't talk to him because he is always working..... Mackenzie is driving me crazy, school and work are overwhelming and I'm exhausted!!!!!! Let's ditch the kids and have a pity party!
  5. Can I just shoot myself now? It has been a loooooong week with very little sleep. I can't get anything done because Steven is at that very clingy stage and wants to be held constantly. Thankfully Scott will be home tonight! Yeah just one of those weeks. Thankfully I have friends to keep me sane. You have no idea how many time your pictures of your little princess and her posses crack me up!
  6. How's your week going??? How are the boys?
  7. I miss all my NC girls so much as well. I have been MIA for the last almost 2 weeks while in Atlanta & am missing everyone!
  8. School it out, I was bored, logged on here.... now I realize how much I miss you girls! I'm depressed now.
  9. that is so great. I loved the picture you sent me, so handsome!!! just like little David.
  10. Hey I just got on! The boys are doing great. David is loving spending time with Grandma & Grandpa & found his new best friend in my brother
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