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  1. oh we won't be moving. Matt is in the air national gaurd so he will be doing one weekend a month 2 weeks a year but we have a base right in the city we live in so he goes to work on the base the first weekend of every month but comes home every night. for the two weeks a year i know they send him out somewhere i'm not sure if they do two consecutive weeks or one week at a time. He's been talking some about active but i think he's going stick with the gaurd for the 6 years that he signed up for and then go from there. have you met any girls on here that live at the base you're going to?!
  2. I've been good, just getting excited for the move, they are packing tomorrow and then loading it and leaving with it all on Fri. we will be flying out next week.
    I haven't been on here much, very busy with work, but I have quit since we are moving and so now I have more time.
    I am glad graduation went good, do you know where you will be moving to?
  3. Hey! I'm good! how are you!? Graduation was awesome! that's exciting you two are moving in together. Matt's home in 33 days i'm so excited! how have you been havn't talked to you in a while!<3
  4. Hi there
    how is everything? good here, Steve has been home a week and we are getting ready to move to Seymour-Johnson in NC. We move in about 2 weeks. It's so exciting. I am really looking forward to being together in our own place.
    How did graduation go?
  5. Hey, I had a few questions about graduation...I don't have my military ID so is a drivers lics. ok? also how do you know where to go? lol and finally how long was the graduation? i'm so excited to go! 47 more days!
  6. He told me about the graduation stuff when he found out, he also put it in a letter, so have your guy do that.
  7. lol believe me i know what you mean :-D
  8. I lived in Texas for 4 years, really loved it.
    I didn't go alone either, my mother in law went with me, wish she wouldn't have, lol
  9. no thank god! haha i've never been to texas thankfully my cousin is going with me. How do i find out all the details of his graduation? Will Matt be able to tell me or will I hear from someone else? I do know that once a month some guy will be calling me to let me know how matt is and see how i'm doing. we kind of just went into the deep end with this whole thing, there wasn't much talk or planning. but i guess that's the life i have to get used to with him being in the military.
  10. that's cool, mine is thinking about doing 20 years. we'll see, he might change his mind after 4 , lol.
    are you going by yourself for his graduation?
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