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  1. Lol, I feel the same way. Face breakouts suuuuucks. Things are okay here. Just busy and stressed. I need a vacation. LOL
  2. hey chick! i am doing really good. super busy. nursing school started this week so i have been so overwhelmed and stressed. you should see my face total breakout mode is in effect. i hope everything is going good with you
  3. Hey! I hope you are doing well! Haven't talked in a while.
  4. OMGoodness! I haaaaate that! lol
  5. sleeping late is in my plans. but i am sure my body will wake itself up at 6 30 like always
  6. Sounds awesome. I have zero plans this weekend I'm gonna sleep late though
  7. nothing at all. well i have a wedding tomorrow that me and C are going to. but other than that it is pretty chill
  8. Awwww thanks love. I hope your day is good too!!! Any weekend plans?
  9. happy friday!!!! i hope you are having a good day
  10. i think i need to give you my number with all the storms coming thru to make sure your ok
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