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  1. Oh well that sounds like exciting new adventures
  2. good! Dh is getting out from the navy so we're leaving italy next month and going back home to ny.
  3. I'm doing okay. Some days are better than others I guess, Lol. How are you?
  4. hey!! yea I'm back lol how are yo?
  5. Shut the front door... Are you back???
  6. hey!! how u been?
  7. i'm back now. Things were just crzy for awhile, but now im good so ill be on more now.
  8. awwww!! I missed you! So are you back now or just popping in?
  9. hey!! how u been? ive been MIA lately cuz i moved and jus a lot of things have been going on
  10. hey!!!!its okay..ive been missin too..ive been super sick for 2 weeks so i havent gotten on im startin to get better have u been? hows everything?
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