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    Hey girl!! Just wanted to see how everything was going!! I lost your number and was going to call/text you the other day!! Hope all is well!! Catch me up on things!!
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    Sup?? Hope all is well!! How was your New Years?? Crazy parties, eh????
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    hey girlie,
    Sorry it took me so long to write back!! I have been so BUSY, its rediculous! lol Yesterday I had to do a lot of last minute shopping so i was up really late wrapping and such, and then today my family had our Christmas get together! it was a lot of fun!! O and I dont if you have got to watch ur recording of this week's greys, but I hate to disappointment u but it was a rerun as well!! I was highly upset! lol I got a GPS for Christmas, I was so excited!! My sister was all like, well I have to go to some city to get Riley (my nephew) some goats for Christmas. I might need to borrow ur GPS!! I was like really?? haha Shes a nerd!! lol But we should definitely talk through some Grey's...that sounds like a lot of fun, esp since my roomates are gone and its just me and my dog!! I am so excited though, I dont have to work on Christmas EVE; I was liek what the heck? lol I always have to work on Christmas Eve, but I still have to work on Christmas day from 11 to 5! UGH And Christmas isnt going to be the same without DB! I bet its the same with you too!! I got to talk to DB MOnday and Tuesday, I was so excited!!! Have you go to talk to DB lately?? WHat have you been up to?? And i am the same way, you can write me anytime!!! And we need to exchange numbers sometime, so we can have that movie night!! YAY
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    Hi girlie!!! Thank you so much for the advice!!! You are a sweetie!!! I have dog who sleeps with me and she loves to snuggle, so she might get mad if I replaced her!! lol I dont have a lot of routines going right now, other than just writing him an email before I go to bed each night!!! I will have to try to get in a routine and that might help!!! And calling you for a movie...thats sounds awesome!!! Are you ready for Christmas???
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    What's up girl? <- I haven't said that since high school.. s.

    How's it going? Any new parties coming up? lol. I will definitely post pictures of his homecoming And I am getting the internet at my new condo, so I will definitely be coming on here to see how everything is going This has actually become one of my hobbies, i guess you could say.. posting on here is fun.. well certain forums on here.. lol!!

    Hope all is well with you Oh!! btw.. I am going to be interviewing at an open house tomorrow for a personal banker.. I am excited Also I think I am going to post pics of my new condo because i am!

    Anyhow, What are your plans for Christmas? More holidays parties? How's life treating you?

    Take it easy!!
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    haha I would totally bring it to homecoming!!! and thanks for the link
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    U should come to tasting at my house sometime, you would really want to be in it if you come.
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    not really
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    No prob. Its just hard to hear from them about the bad things. DB just doesnt tell me any of the bad stuff. I hope the rest of the deployment goes by good for you
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    Ya where do you work?? I kinda work also but its more like setting up tastings for this really healthy juice for people, Its sooooooo good! I also make so much money doing it and its kinda fun cause its on your own time and make more money then most people do in the world do today with out being employed if you know alot of people.
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About angiefromoc
Not yet, but hopefully some day
Current Location/ Duty Station:
Southern California
How I Met My Military Significant Other:
Okay so dont laugh....promise? We met on My Space. This gorgeous man contacts me one day out of the blue! We start talking and have been together ever since. We have been together almost a year and I would have married him the first week we met. I never wanted to join my space and my brother finally made me. Who knew it would have lead to meeting the love of my life?!?! CRAZY!
About Me:
I work full time as a loan processor and attend college part time as a Psychology major. I am really, really trying to keep myself busy over the next year. I spend a lot of time with my family and friends. I have a sarcastic sense of humor. I love to read and am completely addicted to horrible, reality tv. I spend my days working and studying and fall asleep every night wishing I were in the arms of my DB.
About Us:
Ummm, we are kind of the sick couple that every one hates because we are just completely in love. We were made for each other. I NEVER believed in soul mates until him. He is in his FOURTH deployment and this is my first. I never thought I would ever date a military man (always seemed a little too strict and structured for my taste) and then he found me. We balance each other perfectly. He is everything I could have ever hoped for in a man and so much more. So, so sappy, romantic, lovey-dovey but we are both sarcastic and crude sometimes too. I tell him that he is my Weird Science man...everything I would have put input into a computer came out in this gorgeous model-like body!
Interests & Hobbies:
reading, school, photography, crappy reality television, trying to learn how to cook, want to take burlesque classes soon
Dream Sheet:
Ummm, I do not hope the military will take us anywhere. I hope he gets out to be honest with you.
hip hop, classic rock, pop, alternative
Ooooh, this is a good topic. Crap television for sure: I Love New York, Rock of Love, Flavor of Love, I Love Money, etc. The Hills (not really sure why I love this show but I do), Kathie Griffin, Project Runway, Tori & Dean, CSI Las Vegas, American I
Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind, Dumb and Dumber, 21 Grams, okay kind of drawing a blank but it's just because I have tons of movies!
Anything and everything James Patterson
loan processor
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