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    right now he is at combatives level 2 which is 2 weeks just passed level 1 last week..he deplyes at the early next yr to afganastan.
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    Oh thats alright I understand. Thats great your hubby will be home for thanksgiving and your birthday..We are alight just got a puppy hubby should be home in a week and a half from his training.
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    Hey how are you?
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    well your sister needs to make things easier for you not stress you out more. well I am glad he calls you at least that helps a little he's in the army? My guy usually calls or emails me everyday we had a rough week last week they were having inspections so i didn't talk to him for five days and god was that hard but things are ok now the inspections are done with so things are back to normal. I know how it is when no one understands my family never asks how I am doing and how he is, they don't understand so we are in the same boat .I use this site to vent as well . But I am here so we can talk and vent together. You have a lot on your plate which I always thought it would be easier and the days would go by faster if I had a kid but everyone i talk to it is just more stressful, they don't lways understand why daddy is gone and they wear you out. You should have your sis watch the kids and you take a day for yourself go the the spa get a massage or something it will help with your stress.Or just go out and do something you like you need a break too. Well I hope he knows soon when he will be home that will help you give you something to look forward to well I hope you have a good weekend. talk to you soon
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    well it's good you have somebody . I am here all alone and my family does not understand so I don't talk to them about it. Do you at least get to talk to him? I usually do but the past week i have not talked to my guy he has been so busy. It is really hard not hearing from him but I am strong I will be ok
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    I am sorry I hope he hears something soon. It must be hard with two kids and dealing with him gone. Do you have family where you are? I hope so. If you need anything I am always here. Hang in there
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    oh, wow. first i wanna say good luck. my boyfriend is still in tech training down at Lackland, he will be home in december for a few weeks and then he goes to Incirlik Air Force Base (In Turkey ) For a year. so, i want to get myself more involved in this website and get to know more people because i'll prolly find myself on here alot for support.
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    awhh I saw your pics your kids are adorable how old are they?
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    Sorry I had posted a message before , I read what your husband wrote to you and I thought you were the one deployed sorry . That was very sweet what he had wrote. I know deployments are hard . Try to be positive because if you think negative you will get negative results. My man and I are on our second deployment and I can say it is a little easier but not less painful. Try to keep busy. I am always here if you want to talk. Hang in there
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Yes, very proud parent
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Met my DH at a get together at a mutual friends house 9 yrs ago
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Funny, very sarcastic, outgoing...

honest, carefree, loving...

loyal...not too active
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we are different, yet the same....

big goofs (well he is

love to cuddle and watch movies

my husband, my best friend, my everything...
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myspacer.facebook.yahooligan.loves using so much anymore).loves takin pics, not a big fan of being in them.mother.sister.daughter.frien
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I will stick by DH no matter what. He hopes to be a cop when he comes home. I will go as far as the military allows him to take us
Love Jagged Edge, r&b, some rap...old school r&b...thx to my dad
Army Wives (Roxy is my fav!), First 48, House of Paynes, WWE (yes, I luv it)
The Last Dragon, Fast Forward, Remember the Titans, American History X, Juno, Tyler Perry plays and movies
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"I love you Ebony with everything that I am. I give my heart and soul to you. And I will continue to love you until I can physically not love you anymore. I know you haven't learned to be a wife yet and I really haven't learned to be a husband yet. But together we will learn and teach each other how to fill the positions. I want people to say damn I wish our relationship was like that. You are everything that I want babe.I want you to be the one I wake up to and kiss goodnight for the rest of my life. Hold you in my arms while I sleep or watch tv. I love you with all my heart and can't wait for our lives to start together. I love you so much. your husband"


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