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    We have, Thankfully. He's just so tired from the jet lag and stress of all the new stuff going on here at home that he had no way to prep for. I feel for him. he works so hard but never gives time for his happiness. But i get thats the way of a father/ soldier/ cross fitter/ bf/ counselor/ mr fix it yourself. too many hats. :9 lol How are things going back with you?? I am sure you are glad to have alot of the stress over with
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    So it turns out I may not be able to see my SO when he goes on pre-deployment leave so I'm gonna try planning a trip out to his neck of the woods with him. I'm just a little worried that he'll get sent out to the field by surprise. Any advice?
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    I'm thinking about doing something related to inmates, because I'm really interested in that. Also, sorry for the scarce responses; the internet at home is the definition of garbage lol.
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    I am sorry to hear about your back. I am glad that itis getting better and healing well for you to where you are still able to do some things Secretarial work is alot of fun for more reasons than one i think. you kind of are the back bone to the office because you get to know what is going on when and can answer questions that others cant and no one takes a sh^** with out your okay. lol His son being home is a good thing and it is not as much as a challange as he is trying to build it up to be. I have 4 kids of my own and adding a teenager to the mix is nothing. I think the biggest struggle that we will have is time management and making sure that even though, yes we both have children that are living with us now, we cant forget that we ARE still a couple that needs nourishment just as much as our children do to grow and develop, if not a bit more. Does that make sense?
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    Thanks 🙂
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    I'll let you know how it goes When is your wedding?

    We will have a moving truck go ahead while we take turns driving with the two dogs in the back of our little car. I've only ever made a road tip as long as 8 hours so this should be interesting! Any advise for a road trip?

    Sorry to hear about the back injury. I hope it gets better so you can get back to work soon. Helping at the school sounds really nice. It's something I can keep in mind. And to answer your question, I'm not certified to actually draw the blood myself, though I really do enjoy running the tests. The technical stuff is really fun! It looks like there is a nice shelter where I'll be moving to so that could be a really good option.

    So is the chaplain going to work out then? How is all the wedding planning going? Have the music covered?
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    It will most likely be on June 4th but there is always the chance that the Air Force will keep him there longer.

    The location has sadly changed. We will now be going to North Carolina instead of Washington. I'm bummed because I had gotten really excited about Washington, but it will still be an adventure. Now we are going on a 41 hour road trip from the West Coast to the East Coast. I know nothing about North Carolina, but I'm starting to look into it.

    Wow you have done a lot of different types of volunteering! That's really awesome! At one point I volunteered at a shelter for the doggies and kitties At the wildlife center, I have done a bunch of little jobs from cleaning turkey vulture vomit (worst smell ever) to run blood tests and test water chemistry in the pools. Doesn't it feel great to volunteer? What do you do for the school system? I love working with kids and I haven't found a wildlife center near the new base in NC so helping at a school might be a good option for me.
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    If I were going to work with non-typically developing clients then a Masters would do, but I'm more interested in doing organizational behavior management so that does require a PhD. I'm okay with that though, because I love school and it would be cool to be called doctor lol
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    We will be moving right after we get married in June.

    I live in California where there are a lot of really nice trails. It's really the only motivation for me to exercise. I'm really glad that there will be a lot of beautiful trails in Washington too! Besides that I like to chill and watch Netflix or Hulu too.

    Where do you volunteer? I like to volunteer at the local wildlife rescue when I get the chance
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    The poetry is just a hobby. I'm a behavioral science major so the only things related to my major that I'll be doing is analyzing behavioral contingencies and maybe brushing up on vocabulary lol. Congratulations on getting married! Is it going to be anything big?
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