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    I just do what I gotta do. I am moving into a townhouse near campus. Hawaii will b interesting I hear housing is tough :/. One week left till your a Mrs.!!! So exciting. When ur lease is up r u going with the hubby?
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    My entire world is crazy. I am working 60 hours a week between work and my internship. I have to b out of my house by Monday cuz my lease is up. So I don't do anything that's y I haven't been on here much. He just got new orders to Hawaii. He is really excited about it. I'm still a little uneasy. Just more distance and a really long plane ride when I go. And a whole lot more money. But it will be okay. That is crazy that is happening to your wedding I'm so sorry to hear that. What is the countdown till the wedding?
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    Oh no!! I hope the wedding worked out! Sorry I've been busy also. I can understand being upset that they r messing with his days. I've been crazy busy also. Seeing him went well. Took a unexpected week time off to go spend with him. That was really nice. on a hot graduation but at least it's behind you and u can focus on you and him.
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    omg thats crazy how much of the little things we have in common... dave and david and both being 23 hours, and similar hours. I have not driven out there yet but he always drives when he comes home. This summer i may be driving out there tho because his dog has been here with his brothers and he wants the dog with him so i will be driving the dog with my best friend. July 27th sounds like a great day its gonna be here before you know it. I have three finals on monday and am starting to go crazy, hence my bad responding time lately. and to make it even worse, i found out today that next week when im there, he is suppose to talk me to the airport on sunday but now he has to work cuz they are doing some re-evaluation of god knows that. so that doesnt help not knowing how i am getting to the airport. You do have a lot of projects coming up! thats gotta be really hard.

    so idk what happened on my end but i typed this forever ago and then it never got sent im sorry. how was graduation? you must of graduated by now?
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    its a 23 hour drive i am ready, all of my finals are on monday so its gonna be a rough ass day but after that, ill be done thats exciting you are so close! and you have what seems like nothing left to me but im sure you are stressed like everyone else.
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    top thrill is this one where u go straight up and straight down but you go like 100 mph. that is awesome that you did that one. I fly too, i dont wanna wait my time driving to see him because it does take so much longer, where if i fly you get all those extra days with him. lol how much longer till you are out of school for summer? this will be my last week before finals i am so excited to be done!
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    I am so excited to see David! Ireland is going to be a blast. my aunt is widowed and she wants to go but doesn't want to go alone so she is being us like paying for us. I am blessed for this opportunity. I love cedar point it's about 5 hours from where I live, I usually go every other summer or so it's a blast! I love roller coasters. I can't do their top thrill dragster that scares me... but I've done the rest there. I hope you get to see him!! do u drive or fly when u c him? I fly so I book tickets far in advance
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    his brothers call him dave. haha total opposite, too funny. I am, the day after i am done with finals i am going to see him!!! its under the 20 day mark i am SOO excited! i am also going to ireland with my aunt and 2 cousins, I am so excited to go it is going to be so much fun! and i will also be going to Oregon for a family wedding. And somewhere in there we are hoping to get me out to see him another time. are you going anywhere?
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    thats crazy! i hope it at least changes for sooner. weddings can be so stressful i am not looking forward to that aspect of everything. How funny that we both have davids, i call mine david but family calls him dave, i think it sounds weird, most likely cuz i have a uncle dave. i really hope so, i am traveling a lot this summer so i am going to be super short on money, but he is a priority so im sure i will find a way.
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    We live about 4 hours away from the beach; if you don't stop for potty breaks or to eat!
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About missy918
Real Name:
Yes, very proud parent
Current Location/ Duty Station:
He is currently stationed at fort hood but I am still home in Maryland
How I Met My Military Significant Other:
I met my amazing husband while working at a snowball stand the summer before my senior year of high school. We both worked there and the day he had the same shift as me I knew he was going to be important to me. We talked and had so much fun our entire first shift that we forgot to start cleaning till it was time to close. A few days later he asked me out and we started dating knowing very little about one another. 5 years later and we are still going strong. I love him so much and I don't know what I would do without him.
About Me:
So my name is Melissa and I live in Maryland. I just graduated college and am starting a job soon in June. I am 30 weeks pregnant with our first baby and there is so much going on i don't know what to do first. I am trying to work towards my career goals but it sucks to be away from him all the time and I don't exactly have the money to visit every weekend although I wish I did. I do get to see him though as we try to visit one another as often as we can and our visits together are the best parts of my life right now. I have a little brother that can annoy me sometimes but I love him and wouldn't change him. We went through a bad time about 4 years ago when we lost my father but we are doing okay. I stay strong for my mom. She is a strong person and I don't know how she deals with the stuff she has to deal with everyday. I have amazing future in laws and I love them already and feel like we are all already family. I go out with his mom at least once a month and she is so fun to be around. Last but not least I have a few amazing friends tht I could not be without. They help keep me strong when I feel weak and are always there for me. All in all I feel very blessed in my life ❤
About Us:
We are so different and started off not knowing one another at all but he is my world and I am so happy that we are married :)
Interests & Hobbies:
weekend beach trips with my roommate rachel, going out with friends, reading, writing, i used to be able to crochett and I want to learn how to again
Mostly country
Beauty and the Beast (the tv show)
Pretty Little Liars
The Walking Dead
New Girl
Starting to watch Bones and Castle (roomate loves those shows)
Sons of Anarchy
Finding Nemooooooo <3
Sarah Dessen is my favorite author
The Outsiders
I work in retail part time at Rue 21, just graduated college and looking for a full time job


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