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    Yes he is i got to go out to see him for a few days I'm leaving today and he's leaving Thursday. Our last night together was honestly the toughest thing I've ever experienced :'(
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    I think things are going pretty well with DB. Were at a pretty good place right now. I guess I just want things to get started so we can be done with this deployment
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    Yes, I teach elem/middle school music. It's my first year (and they say that's the hardest) since I am trying to get everything together for the first time. Next year will be a lot easier because I can recycle ideas I know that worked. What do you do for those months you listed?
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    I'm doing pretty well. Busy with teaching as usual, but it's been a good week so far (and already over the hump, hooray!) How are you doing?
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    No its alright but I have noticed that I don't feel like he's being as emotional. We'd gotten to a point where we were both being pretty emotional and honest and not stubborn about our feelings (were both kind of newbies with love he's more realistic and crude whereas I am more imaginative and emotional with my feelings. I'd say in our relationship I'm the energy and he just enjoys basking in the rays of it. I always wish he would be more emotional and after a few months into our relationship he was now I feel like with this deployment looming he's not as emotional. I mean he normally isn't all that emotional but I know he tries for me. I guess I wish he would act like this separation was as painful for him as it is for me. He sees it as his job and that'll he'll be back in 6 months but I see it as losing the love of my life for 6 months. I wish he'd be a bit more vulnerable or realize how hard this is for me..
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    Did you ever feel like your relationship became emotionally tense. Like thats how I felt ever since he told me about the deployment. He told me the week before Valentines Day( Feb 5) to be exact and that Valentines week I went out to visit him. But after he told me I felt like I'd been slapped in the face really hard. Like the news blindsided me completely and what makes me so upset about it is that before he found out and told me our relationship had finally reached a good point were we told each other everything and were really honest and it was so nice. Ever since he told me about the deployment things have been so tense. Like I snap at him for the simplest things because I'm angry he has to leave.. I just want to get past this phase...
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    I never thought of it that way I suppose he is trying to protect me. I talked to him about stuff last night and I felt better afterwards. I just hate waiting for him to deploy. Its like he has another month and a half and I feel like that's the hardest part. I don't like the waiting game it makes me realize how much I miss him even though he's not gone. Part of me wishes he was so I could start counting down the days until his return. He still hasn't left for his training and wont until March. I feel like when I'm talking to him on the phone things are ok. But for instance this morning I woke up and just felt this rush of emotion and regret (I went to see him this past week for Valentines). I felt to much love towards him and a butt load of sadness over him leaving.... It was so hard. I just want to make it through an entire day without crying over how much I'm going to miss him. I sometimes get scared he'll get tired of me saying how much I love him and will miss him... I already know we look at his deployment in 2 different ways. I see it as not seeing the most important person in my life for a good chunk of the year and he sees it as part of his job and that he'll see me again once its over. I just want to get over missing him so much right NOW it makes it so hard to focus on things....I just want to call him and cry and complain and tell him how much I love him all the time...its heartbreaking...
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    Hi my names Allie! Even though I've only been with my boyfriend for 2 years and he's been in the Air Force for 1 I still feel really new to military life to. I sometiems feel like he leaves me out of some tings because he thinks its to much for me to handle so it's nice to have a friend on this site. Were about to go through our first deployment so I'm hoping this site helps me cope. I hope we can become good friends
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Not yet, but hopefully some day
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New Jersey but moving to Fort Drum
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Eharmony took my money but in turn found a free great love :D
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my name is Kimberly I am an aquarius plus-size Milso looking to meet new people and spread some amazing love to the world. I am pretty simple. I also love to learn and teach. Basically I am a hippy rebel with a cause :)
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Well our story is simple we met on eharmony when he was on his last leg with love and I was curious after they took my money and things branched from there :) He loved big black women and I loved skinny white men. We searched until we found each other. I was originally against the military and was about to join the peace corp and he was hardcore army. He still is but somehow the idea of opposites attracting kicked in. We definitely are complete opposites! but that only make us stronger. We have been together for about 2 years and are about to get married which is great because we managed to be LDR our whole relationship! It is about time we close that gap lol Anyway we are trying to make it in our different lives and so far it is great! Keeping my fingers crossed it keeps going :)
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Dancing, Acting, Writing, Helping others, talking, and having fun.
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I hope it takes me to new experiences. :)
All music except polka and folk


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