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  1. Lol. You and me both, it would seem! =)

    And I did find another job, only took me a week! And it was a job that had been trying to get me into an interview, but they'd always call a week after I got hired elsewhere -- but it's going amazingly now!

    Either way, he was here for Labor Day weekend! And he'll actually be coming home this coming Friday the 28th, and I'm beyond excited! He just graduated today, but I didn't go -- we agreed on it, but I still feel bad about not being there for him and all, despite him saying that it was okay. Lol. But I'm happy for you!
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    I just rose back from the dead ! LOL

    sorry you got fired hun i hope you found a job by now ! glad you got some "Alone" time hahah My BH is back now from training. Came back last month actually. and i am sooooo happy!! so so so so happy!

    Pretty soon your BH will be back! Next month right?
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    girllll you still alive? lol how was seeing your BH??
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    aww well at least you get to see him!! i hope you guys have a great time !!!! tell me all about it when you come back!
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    omgeeeeeeeee !!!!!!! ONLY 2 DAYS TILL YOU SEE YOUR BH! his grandma still going? lol
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    aww and samee here. ooo its coming up real sooon!!! so exciting. lol sneak out when she sleeps? haha
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    Heyy im so sorry for the SUPER late response. I haven't been on this site in a whileee. hahah. funnel cakes are so DELICIOUS. i craving some now! and speaking about orgasmic, i'm going through withdrawal.... LMAO. it's so bad. btw when are you leaving for graduation??? It JUNE!!!!
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    Good deal! Eh they'll get used to it lol.

    Yeah that makes sense but those bad days I have I call his mother and things seem to be a lot better. I always think about him but I refuse to be sad because all it is is distance and if I can't deal with that I feel like I shouldn't be with him. Oh no well I hope your week ended well. He left monday and basically got to reception wednesday-ish and I haven't heard from him since so I'm a little anxious lol. Thanks I feel I'll be fine and I'm making sure he knows that.

    WOOHOO! I bet

    Oh and I remember you saying something about the facebook page. So do I have to wait to get his battalion name and search for that? Or should he be right on the fort leonard wood facebook in the next two weeks?
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    Hey! I just wanted to pop in and see how you were doing. I hope the new job is working for you and you have adjusted to life without your DB. It's my turn now

    My DB just left today and I'm doing pretty well. I know I'll have my random moments of sadness but it happens. Him leaving did open doors to his family though so something good came out of it
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    Ooo I thought Kings Island was a fair lol

    Haha that's great! I'm actually going back to work soon. I haven't worked in months. I'm glad they didn't fire me..

    Well I hope your BH is feeling better!! and that the sickness stops spreading. WOWW for placing top of his battalion!! you must be SUPER proud.

    hahah yeah after few months of not seeing my BH, I'd def want me and him time too LOL!

    I don't know why. I asked him in the last letter i sent him. Maybe he kept messin up? and thank youuu
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Date of Birth
September 12, 1987 (35)
About Arshenique
Not yet, but hopefully some day
Current Location/ Duty Station:
Me - Cincinnati, OH Him - Ft. Leonard Wood, MO
How I Met My Military Significant Other:
My Better Half and I met a little over two years ago, through a cousin of mine and it was an immediate, unspoken attraction that neither of us took a chance on until a week or so later after meeting. After talking for a while through text and Facebook, it had came to a point that one day I had gotten into a verbal arguement with one of my aunts and needed an escape, and he offered that escape. Meeting with him for the first time after we saw each other, it was...amusing. Come to find out, he lived down the street from one of my aunts, whom I'd visit almost every summer for years and I have never once met him in my entire life.

Either way, we had spent that entire evening just...talking, nothing more. It was unusual, when the times before dealing with the opposite sex, they were constantly griping about anything of the "sexual" nature and things that I was never interested in. He understood that with the way I grew up, it took time to get to know me and understand how I dealt with things before me and he was patient with me.

He was my first in every aspect, at the age of twenty-two and I loved him for that...and still do to this day, even though we had our ups and downs and even broke up for a couple of months; we eventually found ourselves back together and are going strong, even through this important time of his life enlisting in the Army Reserves.
About Me:
There is not too much to know about me besides being one heck of a computer/gaming nerd. I plan to start, once again, attending college come this Fall for Information Technology - Networking/Systems
About Us:
He and I have been dating for a little over three years now, including the couple of months we had broken up. We've always had our up and downs, especially with me being new to the whole "relationship-thing," but we've constantly worked through it and we're definitely a much stronger couple because of it. It has always been a ever-learning experience for me, but I can see myself marrying this man sometime in future and eventually having a family.
He's helped me in ways that my own family couldn't have done. He helped boost the confidence in myself that I've withheld, along with everything else that I had to overcome and I can only do the same for him, holding down the fort while he's away, doing what he's always wanted to do: be in the Army Reserves.
Dream Sheet:
Wherever the military decides to take my Better Half, I'll be right by his side, patiently waiting.
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