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  1. Hey there, it has been FOREVER!!! how are u doing?
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    He's going to volunteer? how do you feel about that? aww good im glad its going good and you like Norfolk!. I always think of NCIS when I hear that lol. That is awesome you got a job fast! Where are you working?
    He will be in Florida for a little while longer..probably like a month or two I think and then he will go to his 'c' school. Right now though he has a really high possibility of getting orders for California from March to July and then either going to Hawaii or Japan for three years and if he gets those orders I am NOT going to be a happy camper. But I always hear about the military changing their mind all the time so i'm really hopeful they will change their mind about this.
    School this semester was definitely a challenging adventure but its all over now Only spring and summer semesters left! YAY!
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    I haven't been on here in awhile.
    how are you doing? hows the pregnancy? thats awesome he got shore duty and no deployments!
    I was in Pensacola twice. I like pensacola I have a travel bug right now. I'm tired here because of school but I'm dying to move somewhere new.
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    Cali would be nice. washington would be a little cold lol. october will be a good month! or so i hope. mmmmmm olive garden!
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    HEY!! WOW! youve got tons of good news!! where are you working?! congrats on that!! i think i need a food doctor to tell me what to eat lol. THATS AWESOME he gets to pick his orders! where is he going to pick?!? awww happy 2 years did you two do anything special?
    everything is mostly better now. we broke up for like a week but were back together and doing pretty good now hes been REALLY struggling with school and he was pretty sure he was going to fail his test on monday and get kicked out of that MOS but he ended up passing it and said hes on the downhill slope now and should graduate in october and then go to c school. hes not the school type so im very proud of him for keeping it together. I MISS YOU!
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    it would of been fun if I hadn't of had a major PMS moment sunday night and made the comment "you dont want to have ____ with me" and "don't buy me a necklace bc then i will feel like s*** bc i dont have money to buy you anything" and he responded with we need a break bc its terrible that i think that he doesn't find me attractive and that everytime he tries to do something sweet he makes me feel like s***. which isn;t true at all. so yeah. were on a break. and its killingggggg me.
    yuckk no fun!! at least the pills worked for a little bit! hopefully youll be done with that stage soon
    i wanna know what it is too!!
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    Hey!! im doing good! this is my last week of the sememster!!
    il be in pensacola the 10th through 13th of august!
    how are you doing?!? hows the baby cooking?
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    that will be awesome seeing your family! mmmm those sound good! yummy yummy food lol
    yeah almost done with this semester. only 3 more to go
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    yeah thats very true! hooters was pretty good. ive only been there like 3 times but its always been good for me. ive never gotten wings tho. not a fan.
    I will probably be there september 28-30. as long as DB is still there and his post schedule doesnt change i will be there. he is going to school for aviation mechanic
    i hear you about stressing about money. my student loans are going to be ginormous when i graduate youll be good tho do you know when you are supposed to hear from kohls?
    yay thats so exciting you get to go home and see your family!!! so happy for you! what are youre favorite places to eat at home?
    classes are good. i have two weeks left of this semester its exciting but stressful. i have soooooo many tests and practicals i have to pass in the next two weeks its crazy.
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    lol oh i know! DB isnt a saver tho. hes a splurger. im the money smart one.
    we ate at hooters lol. no we didnt. maybe next trip.
    awe you are probably having a girl then! thats awesome im pretty sure im going to get all boys bc i REALLYY want a girl.
    when do you get orders? good news! DB classes up tomorrow!!!! im sooooo happy!
    everything else is eh okay. how about you?
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About S&M
Yes, very proud parent
Current Location/ Duty Station:
Norfolk, Va
How I Met My Military Significant Other:
Funny way we met, I was actually talking to another guy that happen to be friends with my hubs. Well, one night I had a girls night and the friend had a guys night going on. So, we ended talking on the phone all night. All of us taking turns talking on the phone with everyone. lol. Well, a year pretty much passes and I was talking to hubs ( just a friend at the time ) online and told him that i was leaving for Vegas for 2 months and he sent me this llloonngggg message giving me all these number and addresses. At the end of it, it said " please stay in contact" i thought it was sssooo cute!!! so that whole summer we talked EVERY SINGLE DAY!! Well, few weeks before i came home he asked me out and i said yes. 9yrs later! married and in the military. lol
About Me:
I am a very friendly person and very close to my family. I am also very active, out spoken, loyal, jokey type of person. I love to work, if I could work 2 or 3 jobs i would. i do plan on going back to school and major in business. my goal is to own my doggy day car and vet place. I am a big animal lover.
About Us:
Well, my husband and i have been together for 9 year but been married for 1 year. We love to be active and but also really enjoy being homebodies. We laugh at the stupidest things together. We have a weird communication style that no one else understands. But we both love to try new things and go to momnpoop places and see what they have to offer.
Interests & Hobbies:
Basketball,vollyball,swimming,walking, walking my pups, movies, scrap booking, taking pictures. going out and seeing new things.
Dream Sheet:
I dont care where it takes me, as long as i am with my husband and we are happy. :D
OOOO!! to many to list, but here are some Five Finger Death Punch, Pittbull, Will Smith, Reba, Shawnia , Ne-Yo, EVERYTHING!!
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Voice, Reality Tv, Bad Girls Club, House of Payne
Anything with Will Smith, horror, action, comedy
All kinds!!
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