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    Hey it's okay whats new?! We havnt talked in forever
    Deployment is almost over for me which means Ill be married in like 2 months
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    Enjoy the time u do have together
    We are getting legally marrie right when he gets back from deployment and our real wedding will be July 2013
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    I'm engaged!!!
    I'm glad to see you got back on here when does he leave
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    first let me say sorry about not being on for forever. about the gi bill im not totally sure. and yea fights suck so bad. but im down to under 100 days till his R&R and im so excited about!!!!
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    im glad to hear your staying busy how are things u with u and ur man?
    Im doing alright, DB and my bro deployed a week ago and im taking it day by day
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    hey love how are you!!
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    Me too!!!
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    we got married right away becuz there was no purpose in waiting. from our point of view if we were going to anyway then why not before? plus both of us are strong christians and we wanted to enjoy a lil alone time before he left. its not all bad. i have it beeter then alot of other military wifes becuz he is aloud to use skype almost everyday. the hardest thing is not being able to just kiss him and make everything better when we fight. and as much as i hate to admit it its really hard not to fight with him. thats prolly my biggest fault is im a very stubburn person and if i know im right then i wont back down. i've been working on it though. sorry im unloading all this on you. i dont get out much with work and all that jazz
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    Hey girl! Im Kryssy. My family is not to excited about my engagment either, they think im to young but they are trying their best to understand and be here for me. we havent really planned a date yet, he's deployed right now so were waiting until he gets back to really start making any plans. As far as convincing your family? I would just sit down and talk to them and tell them how you feel and do it as calmly as possible, thats what i did and my mom started "trying" to be supportive. lol. And i totally understand were your coming from, its not easy. Im always here if you wanna talk or have any questions or just need to vent or whatever, you can talk to me
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    they will be in afghan for 7-9 months
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