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    LOL That wedding literally sounds like a disaster. DEFINITELY need a flask to survive! I have a hot pink flask, its great! His basic will be in GA. So we're looking at 14 weeks there since its OSUT. I'm okay with that He's turning in all of his medical clearance forms tomorrow, so he'll be taking his enlistment oath soon hopefully. Sad to say hopefully, but I know its his dream so I have to support him! I would totally nix Florida too! I hate snakes! DB and I took a weekend getaway last weekend to Washington DC We went to the National Zoo...of course he wanted to go in the reptile house aka house of snakes... I was sitting in the corner lol i'm ridiculous. They're all in glass cases but I can't even handle that! Where else are you considering for PCS? Not much has been going on, my most exciting thing is that I got a new job I start in 2 weeks from tomrrow, I'm very excited! I'm hoping to stay with this company until DB is based. When I'm not working or with DB, I'm watching Netflix with my dogs...sounds like we're doing the same things! lol What are you watching on Netflix? I'm really into Dexter and Breaking Bad right now. Early congratulations are in order! I won't spoil it anymore, but I hope it all works out! If you do get that positive test, are you hoping for a girl or a boy first?! So exciting...can't wait until I get to that time! No flasks for you once you get that positive test HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We're the same age as of tuesday i'll be 23 in october
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    Can you please start a Private Channel with Staff thread here? Thank you!
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    Lol oh shush weddings are fun!!! Gotta make the best of it!! Dancing like crazy and if you're lucky... Open bar? Lol idk if you're 21 yet or if you even drink! Lol I've already learned to go with the flow luckily. He wasn't able to take his enlistment oat yet, because we're waiting on a few medical clearances. He's highly allergic to nuts (as am I) and he had surgery on his shoulder at one point. He just got all the proper paperwork completed by his doctors saying he's fit for military service. I hope he's able to go special ops! It is part of his contract... The army has an 18x enlistment option which guarantees the chance to "try out" for special forces. Doesn't guarantee he'll get it, but I think he is physically and mentally capable to. definitely planning to go to his graduation! All of them hahah he'll have quite a few. Hurricanes aren't so bad! I've been through a few. TV makes them look way worse than they are. There's damage and all, but you rebuild and move on. As for alligators... They scare me too! Lol I have family that lives in FL though and I've never seen them. I think they stick to the Everglades... So don't go swimming in swap water and you'll be A OK! Lol
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    WOW! I don't know how I would have handled all of that at once... props to you!!! Do you ever have time to come home?? I know the traveling must be really expensive. FL would be nice! Warm weather and lots to do. I totally understand about being closer to your family though. Being back in the states will be nice no matter what though I think! DB is going the 18x enlistment option, so he has to go through OSUT which is 14 weeks, then if everything goes according to plan he'll have Army Airborne, SOPC, SFAS, SFQC, and LET. Overall they say it should last about 18 months. Lots of training and qualifications! He'll be in GA the first 14 weeks, then NC for the next 7, and then who knows! I've given up on trying to figure out what i'll be doing next... everything is so up in the air, but I'm finally coming to terms with that lol don't have much of a choice!!
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    casually snowboarding in France... lol that's awesome! I can only imagine how hard it is to be that far away from your families. I'm sure overtime you'll be ever to get closer with his family... being so far must not make that process any easier. Once you're back in the states, then you'll have more of an opportunity to build it. The long distance will definitely be hard. He has 2 years of training before he gets a permanent station. I think that time and deployments will be my weakest moments. I plan on visiting him as much as I'm during the first 2 years though. I've already started making cuts on other spending so I can save money for flights lol We would like to stay in the states as of now, I don't think I would mind living abroad at one point though. If I could pick where he gets stationed it would be Fort Campbell. I love the Tennessee and Kentucky area, I've been looking to move down there for about 3 years now. So if he got stationed there I would be ECSTATIC! lol I haven't really looked into any of the other bases yet, we've talked about the ones he could possibly get stationed at, and we're definitely hoping for the ones in the south. I guess we'll see what happens We're a long way a ways from there right now
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    He's enlisting under 18x which is the special operations option in the army. Its kind of cool that you have the opportunity to live abroad though! I can't imagine that Germany would be much fun, but having the chance to travel around Europe while you're still young must be nice! When he gets a permanent station I will definitely be moving to be closer. I currently live in NJ, and I've wanted to move out of this state since I was 15 soooo I have no problem leaving! lol I do get along so well with his family which is a huge plus... they've become my second family and I love them all dearly. Are you close with yours and DH's family? How do they feel about you living abroad? I can't imagine it would be easy living so far away from everything you've ever known. At least you have DH though
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    LOL don't worry, I have my moments of social awkwardness too. But i'm so happy to be making a new friend!! I read that one of the biggest things to help is to make new friends. I completely agree with whoever said that! We're excited for some aspects of course... We're exciting he's starting his career, and I'm excited for all the crafting of care packages lol I love crafting and Pinterest. My best friend is a Marine SO, and she helps me a lot with all of the confusion, but I still need outside support to get through this. I'm glad to know its not as bad as its rep... I know we'll make it through just fine, right now its just really overwhelming. Your advice and support so far has been AMAZING... i know there isn't much I can help with advice right now since i'm new to this, but if you ever need someone to just listen or vent to, I'm here
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    Hey! I was just reading through your whole profile, and realized that if we met in person we probably would be best friends lol glad to have met someone like you so advance in my military life DB and I met pretty much exactly the same way as you and DH. We were lucky enough to have had time together before all of his medical releases went through, and he was able to actually enlist (aka today....). Thanks for all of your help so far! It means the world to me.
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    Oh cool!! I don't know any other MSOSers here.
  10. Its ok. A lot of people seem to really lile it. Im not in love with it yet but ive only been here a couple of months. Paris is about a 4 hour ride so a train ride would prolly take longer, but its still pretty close
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January 28, 1992 (30)
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Air Force
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How I Met My Military Significant Other:
DH found me on the internet. We started talking, and a few days later he told me he was joining the AF. I was like, ummmm nice knowin ya! lol We kept talkin and he just swept me off my feet. A couple weeks before he was leaving for basic I was faced with a choice. We lived about 2-3 hours away from one another, so I could make a trip up to meet this man who had been sweeping me off my feet before he left for basic and see where it led, or not meet him face to face before he left and probably never meet him. So I took my chances and surprised the heck out of him because i actually showed up. (He didnt think I would.) From then on, I was completely hooked.
About Me:
I still have no idea what I want to do with my life. I plan on starting college next year. DH and I want a baby more than anything else in the world. I love to read and dance. I'm really shy at first, but once I am comfortable with you (which takes awhile and youll totally think im weird lol) I'm pretty crazy. I'm from southwest Missouri and I miss my Springfield cashew chicken. My brother and my husband are the two most important things to me in the whole world. I love animals but mine drive me bonkers! I am pretty simple and typically find it hard to hold my tongue. And I'm always looking for new friends!
About Us:
We sleep all day and stay up late. We fight then make up. We are so opposite on some things, but it makes life interesting. We do random things all the time. Best part of the day is always snuggle time though! We both have a fire that is both good and bad! lol Most of all, we love each other enough to work through all the good and bad and come out on top each day.
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Reading!!! Traveling, Spending time with my husband
Country<3 but I'll listen to just about anything.
Burn Notice! (The last season was crap, though.)
Rent, Burlesque, Epic, ANYTHING DISNEY! And scary movies!
Harry Potter, Twilight, Embrace series, House of Night series, 50 Shades of Grey, The Hunger Games, Royally Crushed (really I could go on forever and I'm always looking for a terrific new book!)


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