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Date of Birth
January 2
About GoldenLilly
Marine Corps
Not yet, but hopefully some day
Current Location/ Duty Station:
Quantico, VA
How I Met My Military Significant Other:
went to school with him from 7th through 12th grade! Had a crush on him since 7th grade :) then one day Junior year he started noticing me, but I was in a relationship, and then it ended sucky so I took time to myself because I was really messed up and needed to find myself... Then late winter/early spring came along Senior year and we had a few classes together, and things started developing :) then I asked him to prom and well the rest is history ;) been with him OFFICIALLY since a couple weeks before graduation!
About Me:
I grew up in a small town in rural West Central Minnesota, lived there and knew the same people from when I was a year old til I was almost 21. I have had the same group of good friends since jr/sr year of high school when I learned who my real friends were. I've been through alot in my life (not as much as some, but enough that it caused me to grow up and mature at a very young age) but I've come through it all a better and more confident young woman. I loved MN, lots of people say how much the snow and cold sucks in the winter... But I love it, I love the first snowfall and catching the flakes on your tongue and how you have 4 seasons instead of 1 or 2... The only reason I moved all the way to Quantico, Va was to be with my husband Marshall... Luckily I have been lucky enough to find someone who wants the same things as me at a young age.. and once his tour here is done and he EAS's, we're going to move back to MN where our friends and family are, where we plan to live and someday have some babies ;)
I suppose that last part deserves to be in the next box lol but anyway ABOUT ME! I'm one of the nicest people you'll ever meet, I look for the best in every person I meet. Everyone deserves a chance, but I don't believe everyone deserves a second one. I believe in fate and that everything happens for a reason. I love summer even though I love winter, getting a tan and playing at the lake and beach is one of my favorite activities. I believe Quality is more important than quantity. I am horrible at explaining and telling stories because I tend to ramble lol which you might be able to tell by my profile! But I'm just a really humble nice person, I love to dress up, but I also love to throw on a sweatshirt and jeans. I hate traffic :) which is bound to be because I grew up in a county that has ZERO stoplights!
About Us:
I knew what I was getting into when we started dating, but now I realize what I was REALLY getting into :) it's been a long tough ride at points, but I've been with him through his whole marine corps career, from boot to now.. he found out his first duty station 2 weeks before he graduated his MOS school, which was Okinawa Japan far far away from me, and while I was visiting him the week before his graduation we decided we would just speed up the process of marriage by getting it done before he went all the way to Japan so we could have a chance to experience it together. We already knew we wanted to get married before then. So on the 5 days he had home, we threw together a wedding and tied the knot on the first dayof spring :) however we've hit many bumps in the marine corps road since then. First his package to get me there was in an unfortunate office fire in okinawa, so he had to re submit, which happened after the last person who needed to approve it in the ranking changed(forgive me I get lost with the ranks and names about SSGT lol) and someone new came in who did not know my husband and how mature he really was and is and just went by what was on paper. Which was that he was 19 yrs old and only a PFC at the time, he figured he wasn't mature enough I suppose. So we went 9 months without physical contact which when he came home for christmas that year, he was only home for 2 weeks :( then another 5 months went by and we had some tough times, but all was made well when I travelled to Oki for a whole month with him :) then he came home for 2 weeks, so I had a month and a half with him <3 and luckily he found out shortly before I got there that he was being PCS'ed back to the US to Quantico :) so late september came around and I packed up and we've lived here near Quantico since september and I no longer have a huge part of my life missing. I miss home, family and friends.... but its no where near to how much I missed my husband when he wasn't near <3 I love my
Interests & Hobbies:
I love to read, and sew! I LOVE to dance and to go out on OCCASION, definitely prefer most of the time to stay in and rent a movie . My husband and I are movie FIENDS :) We have a new little puppy who has taken up my time and become my main hobby :) I like to workout and be outdoors, I like to garden, my dream is to someday have a huge flower garden like my great grandma had!
Dream Sheet:
In all honestly, I love some of the advantages of being a military wife. But we have found the military life is not for us. If marshall decided to re-enlist I would support him, but he doesn't want to be a lifer. So all I hope for is that the military treats us well for the next year and a half :)
I love alot of different ones, I love Pandora radio for that reason!
Greys Anatomy, 16 and pregnant, teen mom, say yes to the dress, cartoons, True Life, Jersey Shore lol i know i know, some others ha
Wedding Crashers and Supertroopers are my two top favorite movies, I love the new rapunzel cartoon movie by disney,time travelers wife(makes me cry everytime), theres so many more gosh lol
stepping on the cracks, read it when I was in fourth grade and its been my favorite ever since, the twilight series(I read them before they became a phenom btw lol so I am not a vampire fanatic), Harry Potter series, mary higgins clark books, Crank a


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