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    Hey there! I just wanted to let you know that blogs aren't the best way to get your questions answered. They are great for things you want to get out but don't want everyone seeing or just your close friends seeing. People can read your blog if they are subscribed to it or if they come visit your member profile and click on your blog tab. But your blogs aren't posted on the main boards so if you want questions answered about Ft. Carson, your best bet would be to go to this forum and make a thread asking for peoples' experiences or advice for Carson. Or whatever you have questions about.
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    I enjoy going out and having a good time, but most of my friends are older than me with kids and families and such. Plus I'm not 21 yet, and with no Fake ID.. kinda leaves you hangin'. lol. Its hard to go out and enjoy yourself with people you don't like or trust. I'm too responsible for my own good sometimes.
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    I hate cold weather! lol and i have family in the south everytime i go to visit it's so hard to leave. I love the beach and the food and the culture. 86 fort bragg though lol j is hoping for 7th or 1st
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    yeah i was really upset about it, then they told me that i needed to stay with my family for a week...omg i can handle a weekend maybe...but a whole week and a half being plus i cant do anything but lay in bed, watch tv, read, do hw, etc. im a workaholic so doing nothing is very difficult for me. oh, he failed sopc by 5pts! so hes being recycled through. They are stopping his program in february so they are being really strict and have a 0 tolerance policy on going more than 100 miles out of the area. i definately know what u mean i went to visit him there in october and i felt so dirty down there. My dream is to live in the south (well everywhere but there). That place from what i saw at least didnt seem to friendly. i think he was gonna choose indonesian but im not sure. i dont think he even got that far yet. he's a one day at a time kinda guy lol
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    ill be ok. im staying with my family right now because i need to be under supervision (meds) and i cant drive atm. Yeah thats a good idea. i know what u mean jason and i havent had conversations like that since we first started dating or when he was living here. Right now im living in Maryland and hes at fort bragg. i was actually supposed to be leaving tomorrow to drive down there and stay with him until saturday, but my dr informed me i couldnt drive and he cant get a pass (which i think is retarded because hes only in holdover right now and wont be recycled back through sopc till dec 1 ). im pretty sure hes planning on proposing in the next couple months and while he is training i would like to be with him. i dont want to get ahead of myself though. how did that go? living there over the summer?
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    I agree. Age is nothing but a number. I'm getting a bachelors in Criminology and Philosophy. But I want to go back and get a degree in counseling so I can counsel drug addicts and alcoholics. As for getting married.. hmm I would like to think so. He says he wants me in his future and he likes the idea of coming home to me, but he's never said I want to marry you. I think he's afraid to commit fully knowing he's deployed. I have been waiting a long time for him and I'm missing out on all my college experience because I want to wait for him, so I hope we do lol.
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    Yeah jason wants to go medic as well. so what do you do to try and rebuild that communication after none at all for so long? well i wont be able to make that decision about keeping the baby or not because i just went through a miscarriage the last 3 days and im still going through it. its been very difficult for me physically and emotionally. Yes his training is at Bragg & no we arent married, but i know he is planning on proposing soon. Yeah its definately comforting to know there is someone else to talk to who knows exactly what im about to go through.
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    He's supposed to come home sometime in Jan for midtour leave then gone again til Sept. My story is kinda similar to yours. My mom was his parents mail lady and they knew about me and my mom knew him so for like 3 years they tried to get us to meet. We finally met and we just hit it off from there. ( We also have an age difference haah!) He was out of college and doing officer schooling for ARMY and I was just graduating high school. Sounds strange but even though we are 8 years apart our maturity levels equal each others in a good way. Like you we have been "together" ever since. More apart than together cause of school and his deployments, but you do what you gotta do I guess.
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    Hey girl thank u for responding i appreciate oy
    My brain and my heart are a big old mess right now. So How did u 2 get through all of that training? Was your communication ever rocky? Did it affect ur relationship At all? Sorry I just have lots of questions. I'm so worried that this distance is gonna be detrimental to our relationship. And if I have this baby I'm gonna be completely alone.
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    thats awesome! Im stoked for you! I would be feeling exactly the same way if i were you.
    Im pretty good. Ive just been really busy...dealing with the usual work and school. And the added bonus of getting rear ended. I had to get my car fixed, get a rental car while my car was in the shop, and then file an injury claim with the insurance cuz i was sore for a while. boo. im okay now tho it just sucks.
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December 23
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Not yet, but hopefully some day
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He is at Fort Bragg North Carolina training/schooling to be a medic. We are not married, therefore I do not live there with him. I am currently in college in the state of Wisconsin.
How I Met My Military Significant Other:
Our parents have been very good friends for a long time, we just never ended up meeting until about a year ago. We met and hit it off! :) I guess parents really do know best!
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I am in college for Human Resources and possibly taking a double major as a Dental Assistant. I work a part time job, have a great social life, just love keeping busy to make time go by faster. I absolutly love being outdoors and doing anything and everything dealing with that! I have been snowboarding for 10 years, I recently got my motorcycle's license, I love snowmobiling, running, exercising, mountain biking, camping, fishing, hiking, swimming, kayaking, fourwheeling, just being active all together. I love traveling everywhere and anywhere! I have strong values, morals, and faith. I love my family more than anything, I love my friends, going out, partying, dancing, getting all dressed up, going on dates, shopping, even grocery shopping, movies, staying home and cooking, watching football! Packer Football! and just having a good time and loving life! :)
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Hopefully Fort Carson, Colorado! But as long as it's with him, it doesn't even matter! :)


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