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    how r u
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    hey gurl thank you for ur respond(: dat really helped.
    how long has ur man been gone??
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About Katie 09.10.06

Basic Information

About Katie 09.10.06
Marine Corps
Not yet, but hopefully some day
Current Location/ Duty Station:
I am in Kentucky. While Roger is stationed in California.
How I Met My Military Significant Other:
Well, I was out with my friend one friday night. I came home and was headed downstairs to get on the computer, which is where my brother had about 8 of his friends over. As I was walking down the stairs, I noticed this chick dancing and stripping to some music while the crowed watched. For me to get on the computer, I had to walk through. It was pretty crowded in my basement. I was schooching through them all, and accidently stepped on someones foot, I looked up and apologized a million times and there 'he' was. When I saw him, I didn't really think much of 'being with him'. I just thought he was cute and what not.

A month or so later, I started dating this guy named Aaron. Aaron, one day said he wanted me to meet his best friend. (him: Roger) I met him and had the hugest crush on him, as he did with me. I left Aaron, but Roger couldn't date me until he got the okay from Aaron "bro code." It took up to a month for Aaron to okay it because he still liked me.
About Me:
My name is Katie. I am only 18. Most people call me crazy or stupid for feeling that I know I, someday, want to marry Roger. But I know what I feel and what I feel is right. I just graduated high school in June. And will be attending college to become a medical assistant.

Meanwhile, I am occuping myself with work until Roger comes home next!
About Us:
Roger and I have been dating almost four years. When he joined the Marine Corps, we have only been dating, for a year and 10 months (in July 2008). He has been out of basic training for over a year now, and we are doing great! Even though we live across the country, we still go strong.

People always ask 'with him gone so far for so long, how do you know he still loves and cares about you?'
-I wasn't 100% positive I could have answered that question with a 'I just know' until about 10 months ago. Something happend to me in which I thought everyone would have turned against me, espically him. But all that happend was Roger helped me get through it. This to me, shows me he cares, and I love the feeling.
Dream Sheet:
I hope it will guide to the right path to success for Roger and I.
I work at Rave Motion Pictures.
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