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    Are you in Okinawa now? If so how do you like it? I just go on island.
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    Yeah, I was in school all last summer. The good news is that you still have the spring's momentum. The bad news is you don't have much time to recharge.

    I'm finishing my bachelor's in three years, rather than four. If you're focused (which it sounds like you are) or masochistic (my problem ), you can get whatever you want done.

    Congrats on the acceptance to SDSU! I considered transferring there briefly, but I'd missed admissions, so I stuck it out in WA.
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    Ah, stupid teachers are the worst! At least you like the class! That always makes it a bit better.

    Hehe, so you're a heavy-load kinda girl, eh? No worries, it happens. You get used to that kinda busy.

    I'm trying to actually take a light load next quarter... either I'll end up heavy anyway, or I don't know what I'll do with myself!
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    P.S. It's the labs that kill. That's the best thing right now - I don't have labs. Organic was the worst year. I had two organic labs (seven hours total of lab and lab prep class), then I was also taking some other classes, so I ended up with something like 33hours a week in class/lab. Between that and the dreaded lab reports, it definitely made life hell. I'm sorry to hear you're going through the same kinda deal. Hang in there and take a lighter load next semester!
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    Heh. Yeah. Organic was... interesting.

    I started chem courses my sophomore year of high school, by my senior year, I was TAing it and the AP course.

    I'm a biochemistry major in college, so I had to do gen chem, o-chem, and now p-chem (plus biochem, but that hardly counts ). Unfortunately, I was a bit masochistic and took honors chemistry for general and organic, and that was brutal. So, now I'm in physical chemistry for biochem kids, and I'm much happier.

    Gen chem is a sneaky thing. Some parts are easy, and some parts stick with you, but some you forget every time you learn it! Heh. And then it comes back to bite you in physical chemistry (PV=nRT gets a whole new meaning).
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    No worries! I'm glad I was able to suss out what the problem was an explain it decently - I'm used to explaining in person. You were definitely on the right track. It always sucks to be so close and then just have one little thing you're spacing.

    If you need a lifeline for chem, I'd be glad to help. What level/topics are you in? I used to tutor general chemistry and a bit of organic chemistry, so unless you progress to physical chemistry, I'd hope I can be some help. Besides, I always like a good review.
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    *poke* I tried your chem problem for you.
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    Awe! Thanks. DB didn't know what he was doing that for until I sent him the picture haha.
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    I always see your icon in your siggy and I just wanted to tell you I love it.
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    Yes, it is a RR . They are the best dogs and as soon as we can we are getting another one. Where have you bought yours from?
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