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Thread: Ortho Home Defense Max

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    Ortho Home Defense Max

    LOVE IT.

    You spray the perimeter of each room in your home and the outside perimeter of your house. I also used it on the patio and around the front door. I haven't seen a single spider, cricket, fly, flea, tick, bee, june bug, NOTHING.

    It's about a gallon jug with a sprayer and you just patrol the house. It doesn't smell either. It's safe around pets/kids once it dries.

  2. Veteran's Wife <---- this makes me sound so old! :(
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    Veteran's Wife <---- this makes me sound so old! :(
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    I take it your little problem is under control now???

    Girl, I would have freaked out too. I occasionally find a tick crawling on me or DD (we play outside a lot) and even though they haven't bitten yet.... it still freaks me out!!!! I get all paranoid and bathe her and myself extra times. I hate those little critters.

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