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Thread: Juicer vs. Blender

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    Juicer vs. Blender

    I'm debating on whether to purchase a fruit juicer or a really nice blender? I have neither, but I am wanting to make my own juice drinks and DB suggests just getting a nice blender? Anyone have either? Comments or suggestions? TIA!
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    I think you could do more with a blender.
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    I have this one:

    There is NO substitute. It's amazing.
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    I have both. I probably use the juicer more though.
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    I just use my blender, but I want a juicer too. I'm also a kitchen gadget freak, so don't read too much into that. LOL
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    We have both! Hubby uses the blender more for his protein shakes, I love fresh celery/cilantro/tomato/spinach juice so I use the juicer more
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    I had both. Here's my take on why I kicked my juicer to the curve. When you have a fruit or a vegetable it's usually more beneficial to the body when you take the whole thing so you don't miss any elements that the food has to offer. When you use the juicer you lose the benefits of the fiber (but more concentration of vitamins & mineral but your body only takes so much of it at a time so it really doesn't matter if you eat healthy overall)... and unwittingly sometimes take in higher sugar count because you end up using more fruits/veggies to have more juice where as if you use the blender the fiber will give larger bulk/quantity. Get you a real good brand blender though or you'll end up with very pulpy drink that may be hard to swallow. Plus you get to make smoothies!
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    I'd get a blender. We bought the Magic Bullet and I think I'm happier with the blender..
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    There is a juicer on infomercials with some old guy thats on allllllll the time It looks like it works really well. You can put in whole pieces of fruit according to the add. I will have to find out the name next time its on
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    Quote Originally Posted by epete6501 View Post
    I think you could do more with a blender.
    I agree. this is the route we'll be taking.......
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