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    I'm moving to Jacksonville (Mayport) where my husband is being stationed in August. I know it's a super small base but I was wondering if anyone does/has lived in the area to give advice about the best areas to live or apartments. I was supposed to go down while his ship went down but they changed dates last second so I wasn't able to make it. It's really been a hassle because both navy lodges ARE SOLD OUT ALL OF LATE SUMMER! I don't even know how that's possible, but I'm thinking it will be smarter for me to go down there now for a couple of days instead of waiting until his ship moves down and have to live in a hotel there, plus I'm a bit worried about having to fight for a place if we wait since several ships are moving down. His ship leaves VA (where we are now) on XXXXXX and won't arrive in Florida until the XXXXX . I'm hoping to have the apartment furnished by the time he gets there. We don't want to live on base or right outside of base. Any advice would be appreciated!
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    There are SO many places available to rent down here. It really just depends how far your husband is willing to commute. We used to live in the Baymeadows area and it took him at least 30 minutes but usually longer to get to and from work. We later moved to Atlantic Beach and liked being close to the base but didn't like the area. Almost all apartment complexes always have available apartments around here. I would definitely just look around online and see if there is anything you like. Maybe come down for a few days and check them out and decide from there which areas you like most.
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    Look online. I'd avoid anything in mayport and Arlington. There are some nice places at the beach and off hodges/Kernan. You will pay less if you rent in the baymeadows area or on the Northside or in mandarin, but the commute is long. I would just start by finding places online in your budget and then reading reviews/asking on here. There are thousands of apartment complexes here and Jax is huge. If you narrow it down a little it'd be easier to help! Oh and avoid the district on Kernan lol.

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    Please take the dates out of your post OP. You cannot post ships movement on here.
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    I just wanted to let you know that I edited your post due to some OPSEC concerns. Please do not post days of the week or specifics days for arrivals, departure, training, underways, etc.
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