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Thread: When you bought your first house

  1. Dancing Backwards in High Heels
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    Umm...yes. Freaked out when I bought it, freaked out in the process of getting a mortgage, freaked out every month when I get the mortgage bill, freaked out when I had the heater replaced, freaking out waiting for the new roof bill....

    I love homeownership....
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    Thank youuuuu all for your input. DH is more freaked out than I am. I actually think he's going to get cold feet and we're going to end up renting for a while. Which will probably mean renting forever. I don't even know now. There are pros and cons both ways, I've just really talked myself into the pros of buying so if we switch gears I'm going to have to do all that talking to myself all over again and I feel like a lunatic!
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    No, because I had not yet figured out that much of the common knowledge about buying houses were lies.
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    I was excited until we closed and got the keys then it was kind of an O SHIT moment
  5. aka Mrs Gibberish
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    Nope, I was excited.
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    We're still in the super long process of building but some days, yes. I'm mostly excited and ready to move in though.
  7. Banned
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    no it was very stress free for us, we found the house and closed 31 days later, then we bought our second home and that too was relatively pain free. the only issue I had was taking HHL and only having 3 days to find a home that would be my forever home. but when I met our agent in person I knew everything would be all right.
    we looked at 18 houses before we saw this one, and then another 6 after, and we chose this house the second day and had a contract that night.
  8. Hope. It is the only thing stronger than fear.
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    Hope. It is the only thing stronger than fear.
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    I don't think we were too nervous about it..other than being responsible for things , like if something broke, we'd have to fix it vs maintenance ya know? We were REALLY nervous and freaking out when we found our house and put in an offer right away etc, we were nervous and excited and just on a really big adrenaline rush. DH walked in to our house and just KNEW it was the one for us. He was like a kid in a candy store, it was really cute! We spent an hour and a half inside with the realtor just going over everything and seeing if we could afford it or not bc it was at the top of our price line. In the end, we got it and we love it! It's really neat to have our own house now!
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    I was 19 when my ex and I became first time homeowners and a part of me was super naive and didn't realize what a HUGE responsibility owning a home is! We ended up selling 5 years later..... DH and I are looking at buying next year and I am SUPER nervous as I know he is too.
    A part of me is uber excited but the nervous part of me outweighs the excited part.
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    Nah, I love real estate.... Once we found the right house it was always like 'Ok, let's wrap this up... What do we need to do to get the keys'
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