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Thread: Gluten-Free Recipes

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    Gluten-Free Recipes

    So, I just recently found out I have celiac disease and have had to cut all gluten out of my diet. I've been eating partially gluten free for a couple years now (celiac disease is big in my family on both sides) but have also been eating regular food as well. Now with all gluten cut out of my diet I'm at a loss as to what to eat at every meal. I would love any and all recipes that any of you can offer me! Thanks!
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    There are many GF pastas and breads you can make (even cookies), but you need to learn how to cook with different types of flours such as tapioca, potato, and rice. Also, fr baking, guar gum is your friend. Don't attempt all of this overnight, but do know that there is hope for good tasting food again! Start with googling gluten free food and see what you can find. Also, if there is a whole foods, a trader joe's, or another health food store in your area, walk in there and ask an associate about gluten free food and see if they can help you. The local health food store by my house has an entire GF section! Granola bars, cereal, frozen meals, pasta, etc.!

    It can be really scary with an initial diagnosis, but you can live a normal healthy life with CD. PM me with any specific questions, but hopefully that can get you started.

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