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Thread: Help!!!!!!!!! Car Shopping

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoveMikeyBear View Post
    At least someone has that's a first!

    The only thing I've ever hear anything even okay about Ford is their trucks. Everyone I know that has ever owned and Ford car has had major issues(like transmission, breaks, engine) within the first month of buying them brand new off the lot so I always tell people never to trust them so you really are the first I've ever heard of saying they love their Ford.
    Really? Dh has had two cars since 1986. Both still work, and both are Mustangs one an 86 and one an 04. Granted the 86 has seen better days but it has well over 200K miles.
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    It's important that you know you're credit and if you've never bought a car before realize that it's going to be difficult to be financed. I have financed a house and have a good paying job and it was hard to get me financed because I didn't have "car" credit. Do you research on APR's and what you'll be able to get and if you're able to take someone with you that is knowledgeable about finances to help you out when it comes to signing any contract.

    Go into the dealership knowing what you want your month payment to be and how much you can put down and tell them you WILL NOT sway on that. Trust me if they tell you they can't get you into the payment you need on a car you like and you get up to leave they will do one of two things, make the payment what you need it to be or find you something on the lot they can get into your price range.

    I would go with anything over 80,000 miles on it and sometimes there are promotions at dealerships for first time buyers on new cars that can allow you to have lower rates and lower payments. Yes a new car is going to depreciate in value but if you get a new one for a good price and it's a good quality vehicle it can last for years! I got my 2002 Dodge Ram pickup in 2002 and there is nothing wrong with it almost 10 years later.

    Also, one last thing, be mindful of how many times you run your credit. If you're at a dealership don't let them run your credit until you find something you're seriously interested in. Once one dealership runs your credit get your score and how much they'll finance you for from them and take that to other dealerships so you'll be able to tell them without them having to run it until you're ready to make a deal on a car...the more the run your credit the more negative effect is has on your score.

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