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Thread: How do you budget?

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    Neener How do you budget?

    How do you budget?

    DH and I are going back and forth on weather I should go to work or stay home with our 5 month old daughter. I don't mind the idea of working, but all I've found that I could potentially do (have an interview on Tuesday), require me to work 8am-6pm M-F and some weekends and overtime. Honestly, I don't want to be away from my daughter that much.

    If DH and I sit down and budget really well, I wouldn't "NEED" to work. So since he has Friday off, we have set up a "family meeting" and will be working out our budget.

    Anyone care to give me ideas?

    We have already talked briefly about not eating out. About getting a Grill and our date nights can consist of renting a RedBox movie and creating our own recipes together. (saves on cost of babysitter and going out).

    Any other tips to cut back on spending ?

    give em to me!
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    We make a lot of in bulk meals and have left overs a lot. For example in the fridge now we have 4 containers of Turkey and 3 full of ham.
    Hubby takes those to work with him instead of buying fast food.
    We have 1 "out" meal a month just so we can have that night of NO DISHES LOL
    Other than that I base everything off the bills. We don't really go do anything so we never really spend money LOL
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    Hmmm... I am VERY frugal. DH- NOT so much.

    I clip coupons all the time, and use Coupons. I also use the library for books and DVDs (usually lol) since it's free. DH and I don't really go out much, we have our own things at home. Date night for us usually consists of a nicer dinner (at home) and a movie, or taking Scout to the park

    I also but generic on dry/canned foods, paper towels and breads; also buying fresh ingredients for things like salads, as opposed to bagged salads, has saved me money.

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    We've started Dave Ramsey's program. We only use cash and we pull out the allotted amounts per paycheck (is-$200 per paycheck on food, $50 each a paycheck for entertainment,etc). It really helps is stick to our budget and save the money we need to before the babies get here so I can stay home with them.
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    We evaluated our spending over a six month period to see what and where were the "leaks".

    For the areas that are our weakness in over spending have a cash only budget and the set amounts are placed in jars on the hutch in the dining room - so that both can see what we start with each week and where we are at.
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    For us we never go out as a couple just rent movies and cuddle on the couch or play games with our kids we have always done everything as a family. Dh takes his lunch everyday, I plan meals ahead of time and cut coupons, we plan the budget on a spreadsheet and shop for groceries 2 weeks at a time. Take advantage of free activities such as the playgroup on base for my son to keep us busy. We buy year memberships to the zoo and science museum which have reciprical programs so we have lots of choices of free activities to do through the year as a family.
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    Coupons, no cable just netflix for dvd's and tv, picking friday OR saturday to go out and do stuff ( we get cabin fever) are just a couple ways i can think of

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