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Thread: 2010 March Money Guide

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    2010 March Money Guide

    Max out your IRA

    • You have until April 15th to make an IRA contribution for the 2009 tax year. The maximum contribution is $5,000 per year if you were under age 50 or $6,000 if you were 50 and older at the end of last year.
    • It's hard for many people to scrape that much money together all at once. Make it easier to reach the 2010 max by setting up an automatic investment plan this month.

    Clean up your investment clutter

    • If you have investment accounts, 401(k)s and mutual funds scattered across the financial world, simplify your life by consolidating them with one trusted provider.

    Get rid of the paper piles

    • Switching from paper statements to electronic delivery will give you a cleaner desk and make your mailbox less attractive to thieves out to steal your identity. Update your USAA document preferences.
    • Save stamps: Pay bills easily and electronically with USAA Web BillPay.
    • Learn how to use USAA mobile to check balances, transfer funds, request an auto ID card, deposit checks4 and more.

    Consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the USAA mutual funds carefully before investing. Contact us at 1-800-531-8910 for a prospectus containing this and other information about the funds from USAA Investment Management Company, Distributor. Read it carefully before investing.

    * The above article is provided by USAA. They will send monthly guide to me to be posted here.
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    Thanks for the good info.

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