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Thread: Commissaries

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    Hi everyone! I was just wondering, do you really save the claimed 30% at the commisaries. DB says they really aren't that good of a deal because they don't have store brands, but what if you use coupons? Just wondering
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    We don't. We found that most of our groceries are more expensive there. I also was not thrilled with their produce or meat selections.

    For us, we do much better at Walmart or Winco.
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    No.. not 30%.. I would say maybe 1%.

    There are things that are cheaper, but far more things that are not. They do sell generic, but not in everything. It really depends on the area you live in. In some areas the savings are higher, and some areas the savings are zero. You also have to take into consideration the surcharge. In some states, there is no tax on food, but the commissary will always charge 5%.

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    Depends on what we are shopping for. Deli meats, I only buy Boars Head, and it is $2-3 cheaper per pound. I never buy produce there, I find it is usually pretty bad.
    Canned items are a little less expensive.
    We also buy a lot of items from Costco and Amazon.
    I think, with the savings in sales tax, maybe 10% or a little more.
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    I've shopped there two or three times and won't do it anymore. We go to Food Lion or Kroger, because their stuff is just way better quality. Plus it's not crazy packed.
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    I think it's different overseas, but in the States, I didn't find them to be much of a good deal. Especially when you add in the 5% service charge, which most people forget about, and then a top for the baggers.

    Those two factors pretty much cancel out the tax-free savings. And just looking at the basic prices of the items, I found them to be nearly the same.
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    Here in San Diego, after the drive there, the surcharge and the tip it is basically the same as driving up the street to the albertsons and shopping.

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    In Hawaii we saved A TON of money over buying stuff in stores. We don't really buy generic anyway so I'm not factoring that in, but we would have easily doubled what we were spending if we shopped in local stores. Easily.

    Here in Louisiana I don't think it's much of a difference. Also this commissary is disgusting, the only reason I'm stepping foot inside ever is because the other stores are forever away.
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    No way.

    Groceries in FL are tax free so I don't get that saving. Some items are much cheaper, but the freshness isn't all that great. I have to constantly check dates because I have bought so much expired products the few times I have gone. I have found the items on "Sale" are almost ready to expire/expired. Selection sucks. And I HATE going shopping there! Last time I went, I went the Saturday after payday coupled with the last pay day before T-giving. OMFG. I wanted to die...It was like everyone and thier dog was there, and people were stocking the shelves. It was so crowed. Gah.
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    It makes a difference here, but when we were in Texas we shopped HEB more often than we did the commissary because the produce selection was better and overall prices were comparable.
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