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Thread: Commissaries

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    Quote Originally Posted by daisyluvbug View Post
    It makes a difference here, but when we were in Texas we shopped HEB more often than we did the commissary because the produce selection was better and overall prices were comparable.
    God I miss HEB.
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    Here in Twentynine Palms, and living on base, I find that shopping at the commissary is cheaper (after factoring in gas, and prices at other stores). Back in NC we never went to one, we always went to foodlion or other stores.

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    I never notice what I save or don't save. I just buy what I like to eat. However I don't shop at the commissary anymore cause the base is in the middle of the desert and doesn't have one.

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    I find the commissary to be a much better deal. The only thing that sucks is produce. It's way more convenient though and everywhere else is a dump off post so I'd rather avoid that altogether.
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    I have it down to where I know what is cheaper where. There are certain things that I buy at the commissary and certain things I buy out on town.
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    It is cheaper here, I think (29 Palms). I actually had to go out into town to grocery shop yesterday because the commissary was closed and I can't believe how much groceries cost me. If Wal-Mart were closer I might shop there instead but the commissary is just much more convenient to where we are. The only thing I don't like about the commissary here is that they close at like 7 and don't even open at all on Mondays. I prefer to grocery shop late at night because I'm weird
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    Thanks! I wasn't sure how reliable his knowledge was. We are talking about the man who orders dominos for dinner 4 nights a week lol
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    I buy meat and my things like milk, eggs, dairy products, pillsbury.

    Most everything else, I go to either Target, Safeway or Walmart.
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