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    I've just started using this coupon app and I thought I would let others know how it is!

    Ibotta is an app that you download on your phone or tablet. There are many popular products, you choose a product, then there are three options to get ac coupon value. Usually theres surveys, facts, recipes, videos, adding to your facebook, etc. You click on each option, and that amount is added to your account as available to redeem. Then after you go to the store and buy an item, you click redeem on the app, and are prompted to take a picture of your whole receipt. Then you scan the items you bought to make sure they are the correct item. (Do this in the store too before you buy! The option is available on the page where you choose the coupon) The receipt is sent to them, and the coupon amount is added to your account! Then you can redeem with paypal, donate to a school, or to United Way.

    I tried it tonight and the amount posted to my account pretty quickly after sending in my receipt. I haven't tried to redeem the money with PayPal though, since I have to make an account with them. I also got a $5 bonus after my first time for using a referral link.

    Here is my referral link if anyone wants to try it! You'll get a $5 bonus for using it. Just click on my link to sign up. Open up the confirmation email on your phone or tablet, and click on either the iTunes or Play store button depending on your device, to go to the app and download.

    I'll let you guys know if I get the Paypal thing set up soon.
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    I'll have to do this once our tablet gets here! I'm super excited to finally have something with a camera to be able to do this with

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