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Thread: Couponers! Question

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    Couponers! Question

    I was wondering what everyone's strategies are for the massive amount of coupons that expire at the end of the month.

    Right now I try to go through my coupons every week and pull out the ones that are expiring within the next week, separate them into stuff I might want and stuff I don't want, then see if I can use them. Of course, for the end of the month, there is always a massive amount. This results in a 2+ hour shopping trip with DB and I going up and down every aisle looking to see if the expiring coupons are a good deal or not.

    So anyone else have a better way?
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    I usually try to get as many good deals as possibly and then I send them to Japan for the ladies over there to use. They are allowed to use them up to 6 months after the exp on the bases there.
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    Send them to me We can use coupons 6 months after the expiration date so I don't have a system, rarely do I ever get to a point where I have to use them or lose them.

    ETA: just realized this is an old thread

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