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Thread: NOOOOOOB at couponing.

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    Big Grin NOOOOOOB at couponing.

    ALRIGHT. So I've asked and googled, and looked all different kinds of ways to coupon, how to get inserts etc.. but a part of me thinks I'll never get the hang of it. Everytime I go get coupons, it's for things I usually don't use/buy. Also, I don't know where to shot ap, or where to get them etc.. so I'ma just put this in question form, so it may help people understand more. I tend to confuse myself and def confuse others. I have asked similar questions before, but got too busy to get into it.. so now that I have free time, I'm really wanting to jump right in.

    1. I have been told it's illegal to dumpster dive, so that's a no go. I've called around to places about getting their inserts on Mondays.. that's a no go. I can't get ahold of the newspaper place to see if I can buy in bulk and get a discount.. so that's a no go, they never return my calls. So I'm having a hard time finding these coupons. Any suggestions?

    2. I'm having a hard time figuring out how to "find the best deals". All I see is the .50 cents off this or 1.00 off this. How do people find the BOGO or 1/2 of this etc.. I'm clueless.

    3. IDK where is the best couponing place to shop at. I mainly shop at our Walmart, good place to shop and coupon or no? I have a Target, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Publix, etc.. all the normal stores. Any one have any suggestions on whats the best store??

    4. Florida doesn't double coupons? Or something. I still have yet to understand all these meanings. So how do coupons work. If there is a BOGO on corn cans.. and the corn cans are 1.99.. that means they are 1.00 each. But if I have a coupon for .50 off on 1 can, does that make them .75 each?

    5. All these coupon sites, want me to download a "coupon" way of doing it. Is there way to go to sites like and not have to download something .. that way I can just print them out??

    6. I NEED HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP. LOL. I keep reading just general tips/tricks, and everyone else is so good! I want my bill to go from 250-300 wayyyy down. It'd be nice to have a little "stock pile".

    ANYTHING will help ladies. I'm at work for another 3 hours, so I have a LOT of time to read!! My work is DEAD today.
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    I have just started also so far I've made my coupon book my mom is a big couponer so I'm learning she buys about three papers every Sunday. And for what she specifically needs shell go online. If you google anything like kraft Mac and cheese it'll bring up coupons on there website you just print and take in. And tips she's learned buy one get one free thru the store you can still use TWO coupons one for each item. And anything like 10 for 10$ you don't have to get 10! Even one will ring up as just a dollar
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    I would like to try this too! It's so hard being OCONUS, we dont get those good sunday papers! haha
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    Quote Originally Posted by honeybee. View Post
    I would like to try this too! It's so hard being OCONUS, we dont get those good sunday papers! haha
    I am guessing you are airforce but since you are oconus I would guess the AF has something equivalent to an ACS. At our post you just have to go into the ACS office and they give you a big thing of coupons to use at the commissary since you can use coupons up to 6 months expired. I go every 2 months to pick up some and it has saved me alot of money. People back in the states donate the coupons.
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    Personally, unless it's an awesome deal, I'd stay away from Walgreens. I made that mistake yesterday. They had Pantene buy one, get one 50% off. Well, I thought that would be a pretty good deal, especially when I had a coupon for $3 off when you buy two.

    Well, I got there, the shampoo and conditioner were $4.99 a piece. I figured that was standard, so I bought it. Well, when I was at Target, I noticed they had the exact same stuff for $3.75 a bottle. So, it comes out to nearly the exact same price, and I took the stuff I bought back to Walgreens, because I was so annoyed their prices are so much higher.

    Now. Coupons. A lot of the grocery stores back home doubled them. Harris Teeter actually triples them every once in a while. Here, none of them do. So I pretty much do my shopping at the commissary and Target. Target can be pricier, but I LOVE their coupon policy. They have coupons on their website to print, and they take one manufacturers coupon & one of their coupons on the same item. Yesterday I spent $20 and got two packs of sharpie fine point markers, 2 packs of scotch tape, some neutrogena face wash, some command hanging hook things, Dove mens body wash for my husband, a HUGE pack of twizzlers and a few other things I can't remember at the moment.
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    Do your research. There's tons of great deals at CVS and Walgreens... if you know how to do it right. I like personally because they have the best military commissary section I've seen anywhere. They post tons of stuff you can get almost free, free and with overage. Many sites have CVS and Walgreens match ups and people will post their shopping scenarios including what coupons and deals they're using and from where they got the coupon.

    You can either buy a Sunday paper for coupons (buy multiples if you want multiple sets), buy full inserts separately online (there's a few websites that sell them including ebay), or use a coupon clipping service and just buy what you want/need. I personally have started filing my inserts and clip what I want when there's a deal. It's easier for me. Printed coupons I file in a binder.

    You usually have to download the software to get the coupons. The main coupon print sites use the same software though.

    I live in Florida and nowhere near me doubles.

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