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    how do y'all keep your coupons in order AND can you bring them with you? I've been keeping mine in a small photo album that fits in my purse- but i've outgrown it. I would like to keep bringing them with me because I also have coupons for resteraunts+ clothing stores.
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    I have a three-ring binder (small, 1 inch thick) that I put baseball card holders in and cut them and organized them by department (dairy, personal care, etc).

    I do like this way because it's easy for me to take it with me into the store, but I've recently been trying out the Grocery Game and she suggests just writing the date on the front of your coupons each week and following the grocery list exactly.
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    I made a coupon organizer (I can velcro it onto the cart) with has about 15 categories/ departments + individual store sections

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    I have a 4 inch coupon binder. It's huge. But it saves me so much time in the store. Check out my post here

    Yes, I'm a Coupon Freak!! Check out my Blog
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    I have one of those things that holds checks from WalMart since I'm not at the binder level yet. Hopefully within a couple Sunday's I'll need some baseball card inserts for my binder .

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