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Thread: IM NEW HERE AND TO using coupons :)

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    I feel completely stupid, but I have no clue what your talking about.

    Okay so doubling is.. what?
    Stacking is what its called when you use a MC and SC? What about if they have BOGO for 2 bucks. And then I have a MC and SC for 1.00 each? In florida would that make it free or does that have anything to do with doubling?

    I just think I dont understand what "doubling" is..
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    Doubling. It's doubling the VALUE of a coupon.

    Say you have a coupon thats .50/1 can of peas

    Some stores will DOUBLE that VALUE to 1.00/1 can of peas.

    Stacking is taking a store coupon and a MFR coupon and combining them for a greater discount.

    Both of these are only allowed in some stores. You have to read the individuals stores coupon policy
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    Publix accepts manufacturer coupons as well as coupons from other stores such as walmart, target, or any others. I think they double some coupons as well. I love publix!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jessicawhit View Post
    Okay question. So do different cities get different inserts? The only way I could get coupons is to go to Walmart on Sunday and buy the paper.. but if I were to go to walmart, get the paper and then go to another city and go to their walmart and get their paper.. is the coupons inside going to be different or the same?
    To this one. Not always going to another city will get you diffrent coupons... the two cities have to be in diffrent market zones.

    I'll use Winn Dixie because well this was my dad's zone for 25+ years. FL, GA, AL, MS, LA are all in the same market zone. They get the same flyer in the paper for store adds. The stores acutally get a list of what coupons will be in the paper on what day from the manufa. so they plan there store deals around that. Bet ya just always thought it was a coincendence that WD had bogo on OR Popcorn and there was a .55 off 2 coupon in the sunday paper. Nope it was planned for a month before it hit papers.

    Quote Originally Posted by jessicawhit View Post
    I read somehwere it's illegal in Florida to double SC and MC? Is this true?
    I don't know about this. I live in FL did for 25 years than break than back for the past 5 months but my parents have always lived here... and always doubled up when the stores ran promo's. So maybe it is a store thing?
    Florida girl in a Snowy World
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    I just got my first set of coupons!! Woot. So excited to start this, and make my 200-250 bill go to CHEAP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jessicawhit View Post
    Hello ladies.

    I've decided to start couponing after watching extreme couponing. I've tried before but always thought that "non name brand" is cheaper, but have been told thats not the case. I feel like it's super hard to get into, to know when the deals are happening, whats the cheapest, etc etc.. so I have a couple questions, and thanks to ANYONE who helps!!

    1. Where can I get coupons besides the newspaper? I can go to the library to print off coupons, but it's 10 cents a paper I print off there. I don't have a printer myself, probably something I should get though So I can go to the library to print off coupons, but if I can get coupons elsewhere, that'd be awesome. If I DOO go to the library are there any other good sites besides and
    2. What are the best places to shop for? I have a Walmart here, Target, Publix, etc etc.. but most of the time I just shop at Walmart. Is there other places that are better with coupons, etc?
    3. I just need general tips.. how do you know whats the best way to coupon, etc etc. I find that the coupons I find, are for name brand stuff that is 6 bucks vs the 4 buck store brand, and with the 1.50 coupon.. the store brand is still cheaper.

    I just wanna be able to get coupon smart, and play the game.. make the coupons pay for my grocery bill. I spend roughly 250 bucks every 2 weeks on groceries.. and it'd help a LOT to get that to go down.

    Thanks again ladies.
    Hi. Check out my post HERE

    1) Coupon Inserts, there are tons online (redplum,, smartsource), by mail (email the company). There are tons that can be found on facebook to. Check out my blog I post lots on coupons when they are up online, HERE.
    If you want to find the best printer for coupons, I love this ONE, it's great on ink.

    2) WOW if you have a Publix that's an awesome one, wish I had one by me. You want to find the grocery stores that double coupons and overage to get the best deal, so depends on your area. But i'm pretty sure that Publix does since it's one of the top coupon stores! I like Walmart since it allows overage. Target too since you can use target coupons and manuf coupons together! I go to walgreens too. I check the clearance section in each stores to get the best deals.

    3) Do your homework. Using coupons is a full time job! I love it but it's work. But I love seeing my pantry full so it's worth it. Learn the coupon policies of each store. You can get the better deals if the stores have their own coupons that can be stacked with manuf coupons, also if they overage and double coupons. Also check the clearance sections in the stores. Find places on online that lists the deals at the stores so you know what to do and be prepared. For example my blog that I have: Busy Mama Deal Seeker. And best tip get a coupon binder .

    Yes, I'm a Coupon Freak!! Check out my Blog
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