Johnson & Johnson- They are very absorbent. I like that they are contoured. They are a little thick and show through some of my tops. These are my favorite

Avent- A lot like Johnson & Johnson only sightly smaller. The ones I have come in a convient two pack, great for the diaper bag.

Lansinoh- very large and very thin. I had trouble getting it in my bra. They might be great for someone whos larger busted. I'm a C. I liked that they are contoured and pink. They don't show through my clothes.

Gerber ultra thin- These are a waste of $$ IMO. They are flat so when worn they create huge lumps under my bra. They aren't absorbent at all. I might as well not wear anything at all. They are hard to tell front from back. I had to read the box to figure out which side went out.