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Thread: Point of Contact for Unit

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    Point of Contact for Unit

    I got a call today from the FRG leader for my husband's unit. She left a message and asked if I wanted to be the POC for the unit. She didn't get into specifics on the message. I realize if you are a POC, people will be coming to you with things, but what types of things? Does anyone have experience in this role?
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    I'm sure it varies by command, but the way we use a point of contact is as a secondary number incase someone can't get in touch with the FRG leader or Ombudsman.

    Usually what you do with a call is basically direct the family member to call so-and-so (like if they need to send a Red Cross message, but don't know the number or what information the Red Cross needs, you explain that process to them). Or, passing on whatever information they tell you to the Command.

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    I haven't heard that particular term but it sounds like she is talking about key caller. The key caller's responsibility is to be the first point of contact for family members when they have questions as well as disseminating information to the families in their roster. Basically keeping in touch (usually once or twice a month) with the families so that you can help deal with any crisis they may have at home while the service member is deployed. They call when they hear rumors, if they have an emergency & need to get in touch with their service member, have questions about homecomings, etc.

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