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Thread: FRG Welcome letter?

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    FRG Welcome letter?

    I have a question for all of the FRG Leaderes or past ones, Have you ever had to write a welcome letter for your FRG? If so do you have an example of one that I can look at? I have recently taken over as our FRG President and the FRG is wanting me to put together a letter before our next meeting (which is in 2 days)so that it can be shown to our CO.

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    We have a Welcome Packet. It has all kinds of thing in it from what the FRG is to map and activities in the area. We try and give people all the information we would have found helpful when we first got here.

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    I'm sorry, I was FRG Pres. at DH's last command & never had to write a welcome letter.

    Good Luck!
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    Our Welcome Packets

    I am our companies FRG leader and I just started putting together our Welcome packets. I created a PDF file titled "What is an FRG?". I also copied the "Welcome Letter" that was posted on our installations website from the command and at the bottom of the letter I wrote a snippet from me directly welcoming the Family to our Installation and Company.

    I went all around our city collecting discount punch cards, loyalty cards & menu's from local businesses. Then I stopped into our County Chamber of Commerce and picked up brochure's for attractions and events in our local area. They were also kind enough to give me cute fabric bags to place all my information in.

    Next I went on Post and visited MWR, Leisure and Travel, ACS, CYS & the POA office. I picked up what information they had on each of these services. The POS's office had really nice maps of the installation that I was able to place in the bags.

    At home I looked over our installations website and gathered information on important numbers, the Off Limit's List, Memo on our Child Left At Home Alone & Curfew Policy, and R&R facilities on post such as Bowling, Archery, Hunting, Fishing, Golf etc. I made PDF's for these services.

    Finally, I purchased folders to place all of the flyers and PDF printouts into, a pack of stationary cards with envelopes, Small Treat Bags and some hard candies.

    The welcome "packet" will be all of the flyers, pdf files, and maps placed neatly into a folder with the "welcome letter" behind a print out of our company logo. I will place it into the bags from the chamber of commerce and add a card signed "welcome to our family" -"company name" FRG and place one of the goodie bags inside filled with candies.

    I hope I explained what I have done for our companies Welcome Packets well enough. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

    Dont' give up! It sounds like you have the drive, desire and ambition to make your unit's FRG wonderful. It takes time & patience but it can and will happen if your persistent. I began building our FRG from the ground up with just me and one volunteer. I finally have ladies coming out of the shadows and offering to volunteer. It is rewarding to begin seeing your hard work pay off and the families actually coming together for the common good.

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