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    FRG Help

    Hey ladies. I'm new here but saw this board and wanted to ask you all a question, sort of I guess.

    See our FRG leader has no experience whatsoever with FRG's ... this is her first "command". She has never set foot into an FRG meeting prior to being our leader, she has always avoided them as much as possible. So she comes in and gives us all high hopes of how the FRG will be (granted she came in 3 months after they deployed) but has totally slacked on everything. We have no Key Caller List, no secretary and we finally just did our first fundraiser (they come home in 4 months). We try to help, volunteering for everything under the sun and she thinks that she has to be in charge of everything so she never really gives us a chance to do anything. My friend is in charge of the fundraising, and everything has had to go thru her; emails, calls, etc. The frg leader has researched everything (even though my friend had done it before). The only thing my friend is doing is .. well, she wrote the email for the FRG leader to hand out. She wont relinquish any duties and yet nothing is getting done.

    This is a very sore subject for me and my friend because we LONG for a great FRG that does things all the time and is really there to support our soldiers. I just dont know what to do. Do I just forget about it and not get involved until she isnt the leader anymore? Should I go talk to the batallion FRG leader or should I talk to someone else? We have tried to volunteer over and over again but we get nothing from her at all.

    What should I do?
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    I am going to PM you a contact point!
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