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Thread: How do you organize your resources?

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    How do you organize your resources?

    We had a resource fair on Wednesday, and now with all the flyers I got there, along with all the flyers I got at training, i have stuff EVERYWHERE and have no idea how to properly organize it so i'll be able to find what I need it for later. I'm thinking of aranging it by organization *FFSC, NMCRS, Housing* and then making a list to put in the front of that file saying what they have to offer... and then maybe another document with things broke down a bit more *financial assistance, food ministry, child care, play groups* Anyone else have a better solution?
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    I have a file cabinet by my desk. The hanging folders are by subject. I usually grab multiple copies of fliers that encompass more than one need. The FFSC class lists are in almost every file folder. I think that however you have your resources organized will be great. You need to be able to access the information, so as long as you understand where things are, that's all that matters. Heck, I'll probably change my filing system a few times here and there. Good luck!

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