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Thread: Fisher Price Happy Day/Night Diapers

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    Fisher Price Happy Day/Night Diapers

    So, my little guy has some diaper rash (he pooped either right before he went to sleep, after we put him down, or during his sleep! ) so he is in disposables (We're transitioning to cloth! Hooray!)
    We decided, after seeing them in Parents Magazine, to try out the new Fisher Price diapers.
    They are GREAT, for anyone who is looking for a TOP NOTCH, CHEAP diaper.

    They have day time and night time ones, included in a big case, or individual packages.
    They are super absorbent, very, very soft (for sposies) don't leak and the grip tabs are very strong for my little climber.

    I just thought I'd throw this out there as they are brand new.
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    Thanks, i saw those at BRU and contemplated but decided against, i think i may try them out after hearing this!
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    What type of cloth diapers are you using? We will be using these for our next child, so I love to hear about different types people are using.
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