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by , 04-12-2012 at 09:52 PM (1628 Views)
Hey there!!!! It's been a few days since my last post and I must say, I am feeling much better. Easter was much harder than I expected so I just needed a few days to "recoup" so to say. This week has been better. I have been able to talk to Mike a lot. I have already started looking for a home, so it felt so good to be able to update him on that and get his feedback.

I miss him terrible and while I have had a good week, I still have my moments of weakness, like any other normal person with emotions. I am about 2 weeks away from getting through the first month and I think once I get through the first month, things will go a lot quicker.

I am preparing to send his care package. I included a bunch of food items that I dont think he can get there, some under armour stuff (he is obssessed with that stuff), and a few other small things.

A part of me does feel like he is putting up a wall while being over there. I don't have the courage to ask him about it though, because I know he is going through a lot there and has a lot on his shoulders. So naturally, I don't want to make it worse, by bringing that up. I hope that is just a natural effect of someone being deployed. My biggest fear is that he will doubt me or forget that I love him or am there for him....

This is much harder than I thought.

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