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Weeks On End; Your All i Think About..

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by , 05-18-2011 at 12:20 AM (842 Views)
Lately he has been on my mind A LOT! Finally came to a point in my life where i wanted something so serious, i knew i didn't want anyone else but him. It's very hard to not have him to hold. Missing his touch when i'm down & alone. He is all i ever wanted & more, wouldn't change it for the world at all! He was everything i expected him to be. Recently he surprised me with a visit home for Easter & it was simply amazing. Spent the night with him &;; i love sleeping next to him. Waking up to the sound of his breathe in my ear is beyond the best feeling i have ever felt. I wish i can wake up to that every day if it was possible. Good Morning kisses make my heart skip beats constantly whenever his lips touch mine. Would give anything in this world to have him home safe & sound. We established a conversation about marriage & kids and im beyond excited to start everything with him. Asking me if i would ever move out to California with him.. gave my answer loud and clear that i would drop everything & start a new life in California with him. Of course he wouldn't want the for me' So thats a negative on that topic. He changed me into a better person.. Yeah i still get into with the parents ;; what teen doesn't? but not as bad as before.. I love him in every shape & form. I think he would know that by now. God sent me a blessing that changed my life for the better. Im here for the good & bad; thick & thin, Of course.
Forever & Always
As a woman who is Always Faithful to one of The Few, The Proud Men in the Marine Corps.
I Love You ( PFC Antonio Luis Renteria ] ♥

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